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Pants On The Ground

I have this feeling every single time I come back from the courts.

(Mind you – this is what I see at COURT.  I have really no problem what you do outside of that.)

1.  Pants have a waist-line, not a below-the-ass-line.  Pants should fit.  Five feet of fabric should not gather by your ankles.  Also, maybe if you pulled up your pants, you would only have 4 feet of fabric.  Belts serve a purpose.  And that purpose is not only to show off the brand name of the belt.  And no, your buckle need not be that large.  If you have to hold onto your pants while talking to someone, there is something wrong with your pants.

2.  T-Shirts should not be worn to Court.  If it is a necessity, T-shirts should not also serve as a dress.  T-shirts should not come down to your knees.  T-shirts should not be tucked into your below-the-ass-line pants.  At that point, there is no point.

3.  Clean your nails.  Make sure your nails are all one length.  I don’t know what purpose a long pinky nail serves other than to make me question what you do with your free time that got you to court today.

4.  To the guy with the wrist piercing – sick!  I almost threw up seeing where the two holes had dried up and possibly gotten infectious.  Oh my GOD – see a doctor ASAP!

5.  Ladies, I don’t need to see your ladies.  Cleavage is not okay at court.  The judge will not reduce your fine/sentence/self-loathing if you show more cleavage.  And I know cleavage.  I don’t mind the peek – it happens.  I’m talking about the I-can-see-the-top-of-your-bra-cup kind of cleavage.  It is not pretty.

6.  Just like bras, curlers are an inside thing.  Like, inside your bathroom for only you to see thing.  Curlers are not a fashion statement.  Curlers are merely a step to a final result.  Curlers do not look cute with headbands.

7.  House slippers are meant only for the house.  A court room isn’t your house.  Therefore, house slippers do not belong in the court room.

Happy Friday everyone!    🙂

What is your fashion/grooming pet peeve?  You must have one.  And, own up – do you do any of the above – at a courthouse?!


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Life After Cleanse

Since the juice cleanse, I have been trying to keep up with the SCD Diet.  It’s definitely hard as I’m not used to scrutinizing everything I eat.  And, it may come as a surprise that giving up bread is really hard.  I don’t miss the cookies and cakes as much as bread, pasta and rice.

My skin has stayed about the same – a little more inflamed since the fast but not as bad as it was before at all.

So what have I been eating?

If you read Joy The Baker’s blog, you know that she did the Blue Print Cleanse and after, she made a vegan cream of mushroom soup.

I followed suit.  Because if it’s one thing I’ve learned is that for good food – do what Joy does.

There is nothing seemingly vegan about this soup.  It’s rich and most of all – creamy.

This was my first time experimenting with cashew cream and I am hooked for LIFE!  Mind you, I’m not a soup person.  I will push aside any bowl of soup for a salad monster or a sandwich.  But, this soup takes the no-grain-no-sugar-no-flour cake.

And it seems like lately my life meals aren’t complete without an apple (I’ve turned into Dorry) and some sauteed spinach.

More news – my life hasn’t been on pause lately.  I’m going to do the hydrogen breath test.  If it is SIBO, I am likely going to start taking Rifaximin (Xifaxan) to see if this can be cured/helped.  I will keep you all updated.

If you or any loved ones deal with any type of stomach, intestinal, or internal problems, you have to know that a lot of damage has been done by the past.  So, time is necessary to heal what has been broken.

Be good to your insides and I have faith that you will glow on the outside.

What do you eat on a daily basis?  Do you believe in the apple-a-day theory/rule?  How are you good to your physical or emotional insides?


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Spring Forward

Spring is truly here.  Warmer winds are sneaking up on us, and the flowers are in bloom.  If you live in Texas, you probably notice the abundance of Bradford Pear Trees in full glory – and what a sight to see.

Usually by this time, I realize that my body and mind are ready for a rejuvenation.  I usually put aside my winter hibernating actions (i.e. eating heavier foods, not exercising as much, keeping indoors, etc.) and start a new healthy regimen.  There is no official regimen.  But, as the coats, scarves and turtlenecks are exchanged for breezy blouses, tank tops and shorts (gah!), I naturally start changing things around.

What does this mean?

–  More walking – I have no excuse to sit my butt at home hiding from the cold.  So, I get out there and walk and the pups loves it!  The walks eventually include little bursts of jogging.

–  More juicing –  When the winter comes, I put aside my juicer for warmer fare.  But, when the climate is warm, the juicer is brought back to life.  The combinations and nutrients are endless.

Source (Spabettie)

–  More water –  It should come as no surprise that springs quickly turn into summers in Texas and the heat jumps along with it.  My body naturally requires more water and I make sure to drink up.

–  More whole foods – When the spring bounty arrives (hopefully from my very own garden), I love using every vegetable possible in every cooking method possible.  Kale is a favorite!

Source: (Purple Bird Blog)

–  More raw foods – I make the switch from soups to salads.  And talk about versatility!  Salads are the best example, but there are ton of other ways to include raw foods into your diet.

Source: (The Lean Green Bean)

Source: (Living With Healthy Hunger)

–  More Whole Foods:  It doesn’t help/hurt (depending on the day and my wallet) that I work right across from a Whole Foods – meaning it takes me 5 minutes to walk to it (pending I don’t injure myself crossing the street).  And, we do.  We get our office water from there so while Binks fills up, I explore.  Recently, I bought this:

Mind you, I have the Berry flavor and I throw it into smoothies and Whole Foods apple juice (per their sampling).  I think the Berry flavor works perfectly with smoothies as it gives the whole smoothie a much-enjoyed pop!

Now, while I bought the Chocolate flavor, I have no idea what to do with it.  Any suggestions/links?

And, I received a very special surprise in the mail recently!

Thanks Tiffany!

What do you do to gear up for spring?  Do you make any changes to your lifestyle for the new season?


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A Woman’s Worth

I have experienced life for 28 years.

While I would like to discount the first 13 (who am I kidding, the first 18  21 25), I have come to realize that all 28 years have been crucial for me to just be me.  I would not be every iota of who I am (physically, emotionally, and otherwise) if it had not been for all experiences during those 28 years.  These experiences range from good to great to mediocre to bad to worse, and all over again.

Despite my tomboy childhood or my awkward teenage years or however much I wanted to avoid being girly, I have come to truly and wholly embrace being a woman.

And, every aspect of a woman – the vulnerabilities, the innumerable strengths, the ability to multi-task, the ability to plan 5 steps ahead for all different possibilities, the power of the self, and the power of the collective group of women.

As a woman, I have come to realize certain truths/beliefs that have sustained me and kept me sane.

1.  Realize. Sometimes I think that I have been living so much for the future (school preparation, job preparation, marriage preparation, etc.), that I have lost sight of the present.  I get moments to myself but I fill it with TV, internet, iPhone and anything that will get me plugged into someone else’s life or another story apart from my own.  Recently, I committed myself to an imaginary bubble for 10 minutes a day to think about nothing.  I lay in bed or I sit on my couch with nothing around.  No TV, no Binks, no Wall-E, no iPhone.  Just me.  It’s not easy – believe me.  To be alone with myself and my thoughts is an anxiety-ridden activity that I’m working on.  I have so much pent up thoughts/emotions/feelings/memories that I have put aside f0r so long, that going back is a hard and worthwhile journey.

2.  Your Body is a Wonderland.   I think John Mayer is a douche, but he makes a point.  Aside from the mental/emotional, just physically, I had to really make decisions to take care of my physical self.  When I was younger, I ate and drank without any concern for its effects on my body – short or long term.  Nowadays, I strive to be informed of what goes in and how it will effect what’s on the outside.  Food is nutrition and our bodies are temples.  Fill it with the best on a regular basis, and allow yourself to sin once in a while.  Just know the difference between the two.

3.  Beautiful/I’m Not Your Average Girl. Throughout the 28 years, I have been bombarded by what the media has told me is pretty.  And over the years, pretty has gotten to be less womanly and more stickly.  The ideas of what is beautiful, as punched in our faces by different sources, has caused a serious body-image problem amongst women.  To this day, when I look in the mirror, I will always point out faults before I can find the things I like – if I even get to that part.  How sad is it that we, as women, have to force ourselves to say something nice because the world is always ready to point out “what needs fixing” before pointing to what’s “perfect, just the way you are.”  My daily battle is to not judge myself to a made-up standard of pounds of makeup and airbrushing.  Imma do me.

4.  Stronger Than Yesterday/Fighter/Survivor/I Will Survive.       Shit happens.  All the time.  And, then it happens more.  And, we have to roll with the dirty punches.  To be a victim to my past is an easier road to take than to make a conscious decision to rise above the shit.  It’s easy to wallow in pity or self-hate for things that have happened to you and/or things that you have done that you wish you had not.  I dare you to let it go.  Just for one day at the least.  And, then the next.  Because tomorrow is a different day.  Embrace it.  Embrace forgiveness (for yourself and others), and push forward.  One day – after many tomorrows, you will have put away the resentment, guilt, anxiety and pain, and be stronger for it.

5.  You’ve Got A Friend In Me/No More Drama.      It took me 28 years (a full 28 year) to realize that I do not need to be friends with everyone.  I have only recently realized that knowing someone for the majority of your life does not allow someone a tenured relationship with you.  I have confused quantity of years with quality of  friendship so much that I had filled my life with people who I have held onto just for holding on sake.  I was surrounding myself with individuals who I may have had a long history with, but who were only there for the good times and the same old same old – not for the bad times and changing times.  You change.  They change.  Sometimes, you don’t change together.  And, that’s okay.

6.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/You Gotta Be/Just A Girl/Express Yourself.            As an attorney/business owner, it’s not easy to be a woman.  I have to be more aggressive and hardworking as the average male just to be offered a seat at the table.  And, I know it’s not just my profession.  The problem really comes in when I find myself carrying these traits outside the office – unemotive, impatient, harsh, judgmental, and cynical.  Somewhere along the line, it seems to inbred in me that I should be that way.  As if being a woman is not good enough to succeed.  I don’t agree.  And, I do not allow myself to fall into the mumbo jumbo.  To counterbalance my work-time, in my personal time, I allow myself to be free to go hog wild with the girl-ness.  I spend countless hours grooming, researching the beauty & fashion trends, cooking, talking about cooking, writing about food, watching whatever I want regardless of the fact that I build a nest in the living room for hours on end, surrounded by cookies and magazines.  Do I think that the above-listed items are the only things that make up a woman?  No.  But, if I do not relish and nourish the person I am through things I miss and love, then I won’t be whole and happy.  So, do whatever you need to do to embrace the woman in you – whether it’s sports, shopping, cooking, photography, TV watching, building something, etc – do it often.  And, apologize to no one.

7.  Independent Woman/Miss Independent.       I love being married and I love my Binks.  But, unlike many people I run across, I do not think marriage is the answer to everything.  I know many friends that got married felt relief because they “finally did it,” or that they were in a situation where they “didn’t have to worry about things” anymore.  It’s easy to rely on the other person for everything.  But, that’s  not the role of a partner.  A partner is just that – a teammate, a complement to you – an equally giving/contributing partner.  When I got into a relationship with Binks and eventually married him, I didn’t think he was the cure to all my problems or the motivation for any change in my life.  I do that for me.  I am the motivation for myself, and am the problem and the cure for myself.  No matter how long you are in a relationship with someone, the longest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

8. I See God In You.        The biggest reason for the problems and divide amongst us is the notion of “Us vs. Them.”  There is no such thing.   We are all members of this Earth, and we are all connected.  We were all once babies, we will all leave this world, and the cycle continues and centuries pass.  During that time period, you will run into less-than-a-drop- in-the-bucket of all the people and inhabitants of this world.  Be good to them.  Be kind to your neighbors (without borders).  Be kind to your land.  Be kind to animals.  Be kind to natures.  Be kind to those that others have turned their back on.  Be kind to those who do not have anyone.  Regardless of your religion, background, culture and beliefs, we are all the same and are worthy to be loved.

In the end, I offer you this: respect yourself, and the rest will fall into place.  Pent up frustrations/anger/self-hate is destructive.  A happy person will exude happiness.   A loved person will love others.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Find out what it means to you.

What are your favorite songs about women?  Written by women?  Give me some motivating and uplifting song suggestions!


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ABC’s of ME!

Age:  28 – almost 29 (July).

Bed size:  King – and I can never go back.  Even with the king-size bed, I sleep smack dab in the middle.  So really it’s always a twin for Binks.

Chore you hate:  Laundry.  I can never get the timing right.  And, I don’t have the patience.  That’s why it’s Binks’ chore. The chore I hate that I do is cleaning the toilet.  Once you live with a guy, you will understand.

Dogs:  One Dobie/Boxer – Wall-E  I could dedicate an entire blog to him and the reasons I love him.  🙂

Essential start of your day:  Breakfast.  I cannot function without it now.  If you can believe it, I’m not a huge coffee drinker.  I like it and will have it but don’t need it!

Favorite color:  BLACK – unapologetically black!

Gold or silver:  Gold.

Height:  5’4″

Instruments I play:  I know one portion of one song on the piano.  Moonlight Sonata.  The first line.  Yep, that’s my claim to artistic fame.

Job title:  Managing Attorney

Kids:  See “D” above.

Live:  Dallas, TX.  I grew up in Dallas, and left to Austin and to Oklahoma for school and law school, respectively.  I’m not sure if I’m in love with Dallas.  I think it’s still growing on me.

Mom’s name:  Mary.  But it will always by “Lady” to me – just b/c that’s what I call her.

Nicknames:  Hitler.  Olie.  It depends on the day.

Overnight hospital stays:  Thank goodness no.  I’m so appreciative that this has never happened – no matter the reason.

Pet peeve:  Chewing food too loudly.  Ugly/ravenous public eating.  Sound of nail-biting.  Dirty nails.  Boys with long nails.  Slow walkers.  Slow drivers on the left lane of the highway.  Bad breath.  B.O.  People talking loudly/yelling on the phone in public places.  Rude people.  Intolerance.  Racism.  Bigotry.  Anything where one person thinks they or a group of people are better or deserved of more than another person or group of people.

Quote from a movie:  I am incapable of picking one so here goes:

–  “You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole… back and forth… forever.” – Me and You and Everyone We Know  (If you have not seen this move – see it!  Wonderful in every way!)

–  “He loves me!  And that is worth everything!” – Moulin Rouge

–  “I am a golden god!” – Almost Famous

–  “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!” – The Godfather: Part II

Right or left-handed:  Right.  I went through a phase where all I wanted to do was write with left hand.  It never worked out.  I did dumb things when I was a kid.

Siblings:  1 younger sister.

Time you wake up:  Anywhere from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. depending on how many times I snoozed.

Underwear:  Never an option.  Yes and always.  Always clean.  Always covering.  No thongs for this girl.

Vegetable you dislike:  Cooked carrots – I can tolerate it in some foods (e.g. Thai curries, sambar) but as a general rule I avoid it.  The sweetness of the carrot with the texture doesn’t sit right with my tummy.

What makes you run late:  Sleeping in (I have a relationship with my snooze button), my iPhone, my Binks – time is not an object to him it seems, lunch prep.

X-rays you have had done:  My teeth.  My ankles – just to make sure nothing was broken, but rather, only twisted.

Yummy food you make:  Anything baking-related, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Zoo animal:  Elephants.  My favorite animal – get the connection?


Have you seen Me and You and Everyone We Know? What’s something yummy that you make?  What time do you get up?  What time do you go to sleep?


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I stress about my little sister – 25 years of age little.

I could write a thesis about all the stressors and graph it for you, but let’s go with the latest stressor.

My sister is dating a guy that I don’t like.  And neither does she, but she feels bad leaving him.

After getting off the phone with her about this, I accumulated quite a bit of stress from things I did not say (i.e., “I’m sick of talking to you about the same problem,” “You are an idiot,” “Dump him,” “He is a loser,” “I know what’s best for you,” “I’m smarter than you so do what I say!”).

One thing I’ve learned through time and experience is that telling someone that they are doing the wrong thing over and over doesn’t mean a darn thing unless the other person realizes it for themselves.  And also because I said all these things at least 5 times to her in the past month. Whoops! 🙂

You would think she would learn from her past – like the time she was allegedly IN LOVE with a guy she met during summer vacation – a 5 day vacation.  Hasn’t she heard of the term “summer fling,” or in this case “summer mini-hit-it-and-split-it-fling”?

I needed relief.  It was cookie time.

It started with one.

That led to many.

That led to this.

I think I’ll send this to her with a note: “Plenty of fish in the sea, and you had to find this flop…”


I won’t!

What kind of note would you send?  To who? Why? How do your relieve stress in a non-exercise way?


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What Weekend?

This is a gripe-y post.  Brace yourselves.

I have no time to myself.

Like none.

I work 60 hours per week on average.  When I get home from work, my time is spent preparing dinner, eating it, watching thirty minutes of TV, cleaning up the kitchen, some form of exercise on some days (walking, running, DVD exercises, yoga), taking care of my puppy (feedings, walking, playing) and then it’s time for bed, which includes preparation thereof (showering, brushing and flossing teeth, lotion-izing).

I used to look forward to the weekends.

Two full days of nothing but “me” time.  Before recently, on weekends, I used to go shopping, grocery shop, get manis/pedis, watch TV, which includes ANYTHING I wanted, including (but not limited to) The Notebook, Love Actually and Moulin Rouge!

Holy moly has this changed.


Namely – the parents have invaded. Here is the transcript of my conversation with my MIL (around 12:15 p.m. yesterday):

MIL:    Hi!  What are you doing?

ME:     I’m at the office working.  What are you doing?

MIL:    Oh, we just got out of church and wanted to come see you.

ME:     Sure, what time?

MIL:    We can come over to your house now.

ME:     Oh, no, I can’t right now.  I’m working at the office.  I won’t get out of here until 3 or 4.

MIL:    Oh okay.  Well, we can head over to the house and meet you there.  (They live 30 minutes away.)

ME:     No, I can’t leave right now because I have a lot of work.  I won’t be home until 3 or 4.

MIL:    That’s okay.  We have a copy of the key.  We can just let ourselves in and wait for you.


This is my life people.

I love both sets of parents tremendously.  But, I am getting worn thin.

So, between all this – I relish this following time alone: breakfast.  During the weekdays, Binks takes the puppy for a walk in the morning and I get a full 30 minutes to get creative.  And, have I been getting creative!

Remember the potato-luv post?!  I had extra sweet potatoes to use up.  And, did I ever!

So, please tell me – do you ever deal with this?  Do you find yourself being pulled in all different directions?  How do you cope?  Am I just being a baby?


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Just Like That

I got news.  Big news.

I’m not pregnant.

I’m somewhere between ecstatic and near vomiting.

Again, I’m not pregnant.

Let me tell you a couple of stories.  They’re good – I promise!

Things happen for a reason.  I am not one to believe it, but everything that has occurred in my life has been screaming otherwise.

Story 1:   When Binks and I started our own firm, we started office sharing in a conference room with another business.  It was small and tight (“tight” in a can’t fit way, not in a cool way – I’m old).  We threw out the option of finding our own space but never found the time to look or the right fit.

One day for lunch, we randomly went out to eat at Jason’s Deli.  I remember I had to beg to go because Binks was set on eating the sandwich we brought for lunch.  He finally gave up and agreed to go.  After eating and as we were walking out, we saw a beautiful office tower, and randomly decided to go walk inside.

Lo and behold, a whole floor was being renovated and spaces were plenty.  That was how we found our office.  Just like that.

Story 2:  Binks and I live in an apartment.  With starting a business, funds were tight and we wanted something that didn’t come with a 30-year mortgage commitment.

Time went by.  We were in a position to buy.

We made an offer on a house.  We didn’t get it.  We made an offer on a second house.  We didn’t get it.  I was losing hope because in between the first and second, there were other houses that just got away from us.  People are crazy for real estate!

We found the third house.  We made an offer.  Someone made a higher offer.  We didn’t get it.  That was November 20th.  We were set to go to India on December 1st.  I was truly disappointed.  I loved this house and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I decided to forget about the house search altogether, and have a good time on vacation.

So, December 1st came, and as you may remember, Binks lost his Visa.  We were stuck in Houston for 2 daysI was mad. On December 1st, we traveled to Houston.  On December 2nd, we waited in line at the Visa office – only to be informed that it would take another day.  I was livid.  I cried.  I yelled. It was not pretty.

We left and walked back to the hotel disappointed.  I checked e-mail.  The first and only e-mail was from the real estate agent for House 3, and I had the expectation that she was attempting to be our buyers agent.  The email went a little something like this:

The previous couple could not get the loan approved.  My sellers have requested to extend an offer to you.

Just like that.  We got a house.

I’m happy.  I’m nervous.  And, I’m pretty sure I’m broke – just like that!



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