Spring Forward

Spring is truly here.  Warmer winds are sneaking up on us, and the flowers are in bloom.  If you live in Texas, you probably notice the abundance of Bradford Pear Trees in full glory – and what a sight to see.

Usually by this time, I realize that my body and mind are ready for a rejuvenation.  I usually put aside my winter hibernating actions (i.e. eating heavier foods, not exercising as much, keeping indoors, etc.) and start a new healthy regimen.  There is no official regimen.  But, as the coats, scarves and turtlenecks are exchanged for breezy blouses, tank tops and shorts (gah!), I naturally start changing things around.

What does this mean?

–  More walking – I have no excuse to sit my butt at home hiding from the cold.  So, I get out there and walk and the pups loves it!  The walks eventually include little bursts of jogging.

–  More juicing –  When the winter comes, I put aside my juicer for warmer fare.  But, when the climate is warm, the juicer is brought back to life.  The combinations and nutrients are endless.

Source (Spabettie)

–  More water –  It should come as no surprise that springs quickly turn into summers in Texas and the heat jumps along with it.  My body naturally requires more water and I make sure to drink up.

–  More whole foods – When the spring bounty arrives (hopefully from my very own garden), I love using every vegetable possible in every cooking method possible.  Kale is a favorite!

Source: (Purple Bird Blog)

–  More raw foods – I make the switch from soups to salads.  And talk about versatility!  Salads are the best example, but there are ton of other ways to include raw foods into your diet.

Source: (The Lean Green Bean)

Source: (Living With Healthy Hunger)

–  More Whole Foods:  It doesn’t help/hurt (depending on the day and my wallet) that I work right across from a Whole Foods – meaning it takes me 5 minutes to walk to it (pending I don’t injure myself crossing the street).  And, we do.  We get our office water from there so while Binks fills up, I explore.  Recently, I bought this:

Mind you, I have the Berry flavor and I throw it into smoothies and Whole Foods apple juice (per their sampling).  I think the Berry flavor works perfectly with smoothies as it gives the whole smoothie a much-enjoyed pop!

Now, while I bought the Chocolate flavor, I have no idea what to do with it.  Any suggestions/links?

And, I received a very special surprise in the mail recently!

Thanks Tiffany!

What do you do to gear up for spring?  Do you make any changes to your lifestyle for the new season?



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29 responses to “Spring Forward

  1. haa! I got my “love my dog” in the mail yesterday, too! it’s now on our fridge…

    thank you – I feel honored to be not only featured on your blog but also to be in such great company… ❤ many beautiful bloggers in this post!

  2. I have the chocolate Amazing Grass as well. I’ll put it in smoothies…for example: banana/PB/Choc Amazing Grass, strawberry/banana/Choc Amazing Grass, etc. It’s also pretty good mixed with milk (I’ve had it with both cow’s milk and almond milk)

  3. Sounds like we have VERY similar spring changes. 🙂

  4. Like you, I walk more in the spring. However, I walk quite a lot in the winter, as the climate is fairly mild where I live. Days when the wind is strong I tend to stay indoors (I live on the seaside).
    In a few more weeks my husband and I will start going for walks in the evening, usually along the seafront.
    I probably drink more coffee in the spring and summer as I meet friends more often – I mean, by chance, as more people are out and about.

  5. I love that juice pic of Spabettie’s! Mine never turns out that color 🙂
    I eat a lot more lighter and raw foods too. I love salads and avocados…and Amazing Grass too!

  6. I actually put the chocolate powder in smoothies. 1 banana, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1-2 cups frozen spinach 1 cup water or almond milk and 1 scoop chocolate powder. I also mix it into almond milk and plain coconut yogurt. Both are good! Somtimes, if I am hungry and the baby is crying and my husband is in need of coffee, I throw a scoop in my clean kanteen with some water. Shake it and drink it.

    I’m sure you could bake it into brownies and cookies or mix it into oats or even make your own date-based lara-type-bars with it mixed in. None of which I have attempted (yet) so if you do and it’s good. Let me know.

  7. I love your list! I feel the same way about cold/raw/fresh/seasonal food. I don’t have any interest in warm foods anymore. And lots of bike riding for me. I try to use the car as little as possible when the weather is nice, but it’s been SO WINDY. Add the chocolate Amazing Grass to a banana smoothie with almond/peanut butter…mmm!

  8. This post has me excited for the lighter time of year. I need comfort food with everything going on, but a nice avocado with some grilled meats or veg is just as comforting! Great post!

  9. When the time changes, we actually come to life after work! During the winter, we just hibernate after work and its painful to think about going anywhere! However, spring comes and there are longer days, we are constantly doing things and going outdoors and rarely indoors!

  10. ahh, now i really want that salad!! 🙂 love spring

  11. I always eat more produce in the spring and summer. I’m just not a root vegetable/squash kind of girl, I’m a berry/tomato/string bean kind of girl!

  12. Hooray, I’m happy you got the bumper sticker!

    I love spring for the longer days and cheaper produce. This is when all of the farmers markets start to open up again so I can get stuff from my hippies on the cheap. Plus cold beer on a warm day doesn’t make me hate spring either.

  13. I have yet to try Kale! Is it bitter at all?

    For Spring, I do the usual spring cleaning of my home and pack up my winter clothes! I can’t wait! I love the fresh produce too!

    • It’s not bitter at all. It completely is overshadowed and masked by the fruit you add. I think it’s better than spinach in a smoothie. Without a doubt. Spinach has a flavor that comes through; kale does not.

  14. You’ve totally got to try the pom mango AG for smoothies too – its my CRAAAACK! =)

    Hooray for more juice, raw foods, salads, and overall DELICIOUSNESS!!!! I’m so over roasting my veggies right now! bring on the new dishes! =)

    ps; today was HOT here… like summer hot. ut oh!

  15. I definitely switch gears in the spring too! The warm weather just brings out the motivation in me! =)

  16. I usually make green monsters to replace my coffee when Spring comes. I love it!

  17. I really love spring so much. I am totally with you on the whole foods/raw foods thing. There’s nothing better than refreshing spring fruits and vegetables!

  18. I need to get into kale; I’ve never really been exposed but a lot of people like it

  19. More walking is right! My friend and I have big plans as the weather is (supposedly) getting warmer. Even just 20 minutes around the neighborhood every couple days does amazing things…

  20. oh man! th epics makes me want to have spring in my area too!!! it just hailed yesterday!

  21. This Italian Family

    I so agree! All this warmer weather means more walking and more fresh foods! 🙂

  22. i definitely want to try more juicing! Kristina’s always look so refreshing. Great idea!!

  23. Lots of fresh produce!! I can’t wait for summer fruit!
    I need to start upping my water intake, though, somehow I’ve let that slip the past few weeks…..

  24. We’re in Arkansas and talk about your Bradford pears! So much pollen already.

  25. Seeing that we have springtime weather in LA pretty much year round, I don’t do much different when the official season starts. I definitely want to incorporate more of what you write here though – especially eating more whole foods. And less chocolate! That would be a fabulous goal to achieve. 🙂

  26. Thanks for the link love, doll! As I was scrolling down I was all like “those kale chips sure do look familiar… oh!” 😉 I’m always glad when I don’t clear my Google reader even if I’m days behind so I can eventually see these little gems! 🙂

  27. I always get more excited for outdoor activities – hiking or the park with the kids – and FRESH FOOD! That definitely excites me. Spring is so great.

  28. I just found your blog through The Cookie Battle and I’m loving it so far! I have that chocolate Amazing Grass too and in the Fall I added it to ‘green monster’ smoothies but it really doesn’t taste like chocolate to me so I added regular cocoa also. I feel out of my smoothie habit and this reminds me I should get back into it!

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