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Pants On The Ground

I have this feeling every single time I come back from the courts.

(Mind you – this is what I see at COURT.  I have really no problem what you do outside of that.)

1.  Pants have a waist-line, not a below-the-ass-line.  Pants should fit.  Five feet of fabric should not gather by your ankles.  Also, maybe if you pulled up your pants, you would only have 4 feet of fabric.  Belts serve a purpose.  And that purpose is not only to show off the brand name of the belt.  And no, your buckle need not be that large.  If you have to hold onto your pants while talking to someone, there is something wrong with your pants.

2.  T-Shirts should not be worn to Court.  If it is a necessity, T-shirts should not also serve as a dress.  T-shirts should not come down to your knees.  T-shirts should not be tucked into your below-the-ass-line pants.  At that point, there is no point.

3.  Clean your nails.  Make sure your nails are all one length.  I don’t know what purpose a long pinky nail serves other than to make me question what you do with your free time that got you to court today.

4.  To the guy with the wrist piercing – sick!  I almost threw up seeing where the two holes had dried up and possibly gotten infectious.  Oh my GOD – see a doctor ASAP!

5.  Ladies, I don’t need to see your ladies.  Cleavage is not okay at court.  The judge will not reduce your fine/sentence/self-loathing if you show more cleavage.  And I know cleavage.  I don’t mind the peek – it happens.  I’m talking about the I-can-see-the-top-of-your-bra-cup kind of cleavage.  It is not pretty.

6.  Just like bras, curlers are an inside thing.  Like, inside your bathroom for only you to see thing.  Curlers are not a fashion statement.  Curlers are merely a step to a final result.  Curlers do not look cute with headbands.

7.  House slippers are meant only for the house.  A court room isn’t your house.  Therefore, house slippers do not belong in the court room.

Happy Friday everyone!    🙂

What is your fashion/grooming pet peeve?  You must have one.  And, own up – do you do any of the above – at a courthouse?!


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