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My Magnum Experience

Yep, I’ve tried the Magnum.  It was everything I wanted and more.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Nothing but highs and the only lows occurred when the ride was over.

I moaned.

I groaned.

And when it was over, I wanted more.

I was insatiable.

So did Binks.

Have you tried a Magnum?

You should.

I took pictures.

Look how big it is!

It was pretty thick too.  That’s Binks holding it.

And, then I joined in.  I love how creamy it is inside!

And, then this happened.

That’s what she said.

Now, excuse me while I go wash my mouth out with soap.

Word of caution:  This is very much a rare-time pleasure.

Have you tried a Magnum?  Either kind? LOL!



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