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How I Do Art

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been stalking most of the internet for house decor purchases lately.

I have some wall space to the right of my fireplace where I knew I wanted to hang some framed art – something that really represented Binks and I.

I found the perfect frames for the area at West Elm.

Most of my stalking revolves around Etsy.  Quite coincidentally, I found poordogfarm and I really fell in love with two pieces in particular.

I always refer to Binks as a Little Bird.

And he refers to me an as Elephant.

(Let’s say when we were dating, I took great offense to this at first because I thought he was just calling me fat.  But, after finding out the reasons, I realized how special it really is.  Plus, if he was making jokes, I’ll just squash that little bird with one leg.)

The classic prints look perfect in the frames.

I can’t wait to hang them up this weekend.

Where and how do you art?  Do you stalk Etsy?  What are some of your favorite Etsy sellers?


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