{DIY} Yarn Wreath

At our household, nesting has taken full effect.  Binks and I have been working away trying to get the house ready for Baby Binks, who is due in about 10 days.  I cannot believe how fast this whole experience has gone by.

I’ve been using this time to catch up on some DIY projects that I have bookmarked (I need to get on the Pinterest wagon).  First and foremost was my wreath, which I’m actually very proud of, especially considering that I’m not the crafty kind.

If you remember, I started here, (from here originally) and have been working on little by little to yield this.

Ignore the yellow bow as I initially thought I would hang the wreath outside on my front door.  After seeing it leaning against my baroque-style mirror, I wanted to keep it inside.  It really brightens up and adds a charm to my living room for the fall.  And, plus, I don’t want it to get dirty outside.  🙂

I would do this again – and am thinking about creating one for my mom with the leftover yarn.  I might change up the flowers and add more and scatter it throughout the wreath.

The flowers were also easy to handle – I could easily change up the look based on how I cut the flowers and how tightly I rolled them.

Again, easy peasy beautiful.

What do you think?  Are you crafty?  Working on anything lately?


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9 responses to “{DIY} Yarn Wreath

  1. I love it! It is so simple and cute. I could definitely make one for Christmas. I cannot believe you are due soon! Time flew by faaast!

  2. Awn

    Olie, please tell me you bought your stuff to make this at Walmart….I only ask because my wreath looks identical (my yarn is maroon) and the only colors of felt they had were the black white and green! Thanks for posting this originally because that’s where I got the idea! Have fun nesting!

    • I actually picked up everything from Michael’s. They had a pretty good selection of felt actually. A lot of colors and variety (b/c I supposedly just now am learning that felt has variety.)

  3. You are definitely crafty! I love it.

    10 more days? I can’t believe it. I hope you have a wonderful (and relaxing) Thanksgiving!

  4. I absolutely love the yellow color! I am so partial to purples, blues, greens… I’ve been trying to liven up my wardrobe and space with more yellows and oranges.. happy sunshine colors! 🙂

  5. Very cute! What a fun idea 🙂

  6. I just made one of these! Yours is so much cuter, haha. Mine needs a bit of work 🙂

  7. Hope that you have an easy delivery! I’m very excited for you. I was told I have maybe 5 weeks, but more likely 3, left. 🙂

    Very cute! I’ve been working on crocheting a scarf for my husband. I keep meaning to finish it, but I forget. I also crocheted a baby hat and booties (both in blue for our baby boy)

  8. Amy

    CUTE!!! i really am trying to be more crafty. i kind of forget sometimes haha….the holiday’s especially inspire me though to be a little more crafty!

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