Catch Up

I’ve been gone for a while – I apologize.  Well, I apologize if you missed me.  If you didn’t, well hello there!

I’ve been busy doing some family stuff and trying to catch up to some semblance of normalcy.  Let me see if we can update each other (me first) on what’s been happening on this end.

1.  I made the most delicious red velvet cupcakes with the most dreamy cream cheese frosting.

The recipe comes from none other than Ms. Deen herself.  I had it once at a chili-cook off and finally made it myself.  I can’t wait to make it again – with a slight twist that I’ll be sure to share.

2.  I’m attempting to be crafty.  

Mind you, I have no creative bone/nerve in my body.  But, when I saw this, I had to try.  Here is my current progress.

I can’t wait for the finished result.  So far it’s been easier than I thought.  Well, I’ll probably eat my words once the felt flowers come into place.

3.  We have been eating out more.  And the spicier the better.

Now that we have been balancing more with my mom/sister and making sure that we have a lot of family interaction to make this transition somewhat easier, I have been ignoring my home-cooking duties.  Therefore, a lot of lunches and dinners taken to go.

I thought my pregnancy spicy-cravings would decrease as time went on but alas – no.  I can handle the heat and the some.  It’s quite pathetic.  When someone asks me what I want to eat, my answer has almost always been ‘something spicy.’

Luckily, I work across from one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Dallas (Thai Soon), and they have an excellent lunch special.

Pictured above is a beef enchilada and puffed taco from Ojedas.  What is not pictured is the pitcher (yes, pitcher) of salsa that I drank with a side of chips.

4.  We have been painting.

What started out as a project just to paint the nursery turned into a whole-house paint project.  Working closely with our favorite Benjamin Moore paint and advice we read online, it’s been a project that’s mainly done by Binks.  Although I work very closely at the end to make sure he knows all the places he missed.  I’m sure he loves that.  🙂

I’ll show you finished projects soon!

So tell me, what are you up to?  



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15 responses to “Catch Up

  1. Love the wreath project! Red velvet cupcakes—yes please. And the food looks tasty! Hope too see finished painting project sometime soon! We can’t paint where we’re at so I’m always tucking away ideas for the day that we can! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  2. benjamin moore is THE BEST paint! can’t wait to see all the colors you chose. i missssssed you!

  3. Red velvet cupcakes are my absolute fave!
    Funny about the spiciness craving–I guess there are worse things you could be fixed on!

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing! Mmmm. And I’ll probably be craving one now. 🙂 We’ve been busy as hell, but having a good time. Loving the cooler temps…while they are here. Weather is so fickle, right? I hope you are feeling great!

    • I have started losing hope in our weather these days. We were seeing such a great weather pattern and now it’s gone back to just hot. But I can’t complain as it’s not in the 100+ anymore!

  5. Um, yeah. So if you have some extra cupcakes that need to be devoured, let me know, I got a lot of frequent flier miles and then we shall go out for spicy food! Thats awesome you can still eat it-many girls I know cant stomach it when they are with child.

    I have been traveling and scheming about my next big move. I hope it’s in the next month or so and I’m going to Colorado this week! I have some job interviews set up there so I’m totally stoked for that and crossing my fingers someone bites.

  6. Love the wreath project – can’t wait for the finish product 🙂

    BTW, congrats on your pregnancy! How far along are you now?

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