And then, I Ate.

I have been in a foodie funk lately.  Be it the pregnancy or the insane work hours, but eating has been the last thing on my mind.  And, then, NY happened.  I vacationed in NY for the past week.  And by vacationed, I mean I was there for my cousin’s wedding and was busier than when I am at home.  That didn’t stop me from eating though.  I deemed that there are no triglycerides in NY!  Binks and I did everything we could to find little pockets of time to just be alone in the city, away from demanding family.  (After the wedding was done, of course).

I try to avoid touristy things when I travel.  I hate tours.  Nay.  I despite tours.  My favorite way to travel is to walk around and look around.  I have not been disappointed to date.

However, when traveling, I tend to be very tourist-y when it comes to food.  With my new-found addiction to Yelp, I was in a rampage in NYC.  Except, that ATT service rendered my iPhone a POS in the city.  Nonetheless, on the way to find a pizza place, we stumbled upon Carmine’s.  Who knew it was a thing?

We went in for lunch.  Binks and I usually share when we go out but at Carmine’s, sharing is required.  All meals are served family style.  The portions are large and the food is quite simply – pretty fantastic.

They started us out with the bread basket.  There were wonderful saucy, cheesy pieces of bread that Binks and I quickly devoured around.

I apologize that all you can see are remnants of the sauce.  It was THAT good.

We ordered the rigatoni with sausage and broccoli.  Hey, I had to get in my veggies somewhere!

It was wonderful and saucy.  The pasta – perfectly al dente.  The sauce – perfectly FRESH!!  You definitely don’t taste tomato paste.  And, yes, I have been to places and tasted the tomato paste.  Haven’t you?

So, Binks and I usually would have stopped our meal here.  But, a couple of things happened.  First, the waiter messed up our order.  We asked for red sauce, but they brought it out in white.  So, no biggie.  Second, the waiter spilled water next to me.  Mind you, an apology would have been just fine, but these wonderful people not only apologized but also gave us free dessert!

Binks chose the tiramisu.  I agreed.

I thought they would bring out a slice of tiramisu.  I thought, I should save room for second dessert later (more on this to come soon!).  I thought wrong.

When I saw the waiter walk to us with this, I accidentally let out some expletives.  It was THAT big.  I mean a whole pie plate of tiramisu!!  For two of us.  Binks and I finished 1/8th of it and was really sad we couldn’t take it home as we were going to be walking around for a bit.

Verdict: The best tiramisu I’ve had in a long time.

Everything meshed together perfectly, the mascarpone with the coffee soaked cake and bites of chocolate shavings.  I was in Italian heaven.

Thinking back I should have eaten more of it.  Thinking at that time, my pregnancy stretch pants would have busted.

Have you been to Carmine’s in NY?  What’s your opinion?  Do you dig tours?


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5 responses to “And then, I Ate.

  1. I have not been to Carmine’s yet! I will put it on my to-do list 🙂 I also prefer exploring a new city on my own, instead of a tour.

  2. oooh never been there but i’m gonna check and see if my parents have! looks delicious. may need to go there over the holidays!

  3. I’ve never been to carmines….and I think that tiramisu would kill me! But I’d still want it!

  4. Holy f*$@in s***!!!! Yeah, apparently, I am cursing as well because it looks that amazing.

    And this has been a great wk since the Yelp app for Blackberry is finally here. It’s sad how happy it makes me.

    PS-I was just thinking about you the other day and was getting ready to send you a “where are you?” email but here you are 🙂

  5. I detest touristy things and don’t do tours. I am way to selfish with my time to let someone else plan my day for me!

    Now how have I missed Carmine’s? I love the fantastic Italian places in NYC and can’t wait to get back to try this one and more. I was sold on it the second I saw the breadbasket. 🙂

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