Yesterday, when Lindsay asked what I was craving, I could have written an essay about it.  Why not a blog post?

While I never got sick during the first trimester, I had serious cravings and aversions.  Prior to finding out I was pregnant, Binks (and even I) thought I was just being weird.  I did not want any bacon or be near it – pork in general.  Meat was just hard for me altogether.  I could not stand the smell or sight of mushrooms.

What I lacked in aversions, I sure made up and keep making up for in cravings.


I cannot get enough.

Yep that is mustard and pickles.  Together.  It’s a fabulous thing.  Try it.  I eat a pickle everyday.  This is my pickle of choice these days.

Turns out pickles actually quell sugar cravings, which makes sense because I do have a huge sweet tooth.  Body – 1; me – 0.

Spicy Food

I ate spicy food before, but this is another issue altogether.  I can drink this stuff:

I cook a lot with this:

I don’t know why I crave spicy food.  I don’t know any reason behind this except to know that spicy food does rev up your metabolism a bit.


I could eat this morning, noon and night.  I limit it to just breakfast because pickles don’t go with cereal.

I love to drown my cereal in the almond milk – which is something I did previously anyway.

I love granolas/cereals – it makes me feel like I’m eating a dessert and I swear to the heavens that the vanilla macaroon granola I picked up at Sprouts tastes like a cookie.  So, I’ve been eating cookie cereal.  My favorite these days is Cascadian Farm’s Dark Chocolate Almond Granola.  Again, tastes like cookies!

And, it keeps me full.

Cold Crazy Breakfast Bowls

To the exclusion of cereal, I’m in love with smoothie bowls and yogurt bowls.

This purple goodness is a mixture of prepared banana oatmeal, blueberries and almond milk.  Topped with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.

That my friends is Noosa Blueberry.  If you haven’t tried Noosa yet, you need to.  I don’t know what they do to make it delicious, but it is.


Other cravings include:

Justin’s nut butters.  If you notice my pictures above you seethat I use it often.  I wish it were a mental thing but it’s not.  I have other Natural Peanut butters and nut butters but something about this one sets it above the rest.  So much so that I’m contemplating buying a $10 jar.

Bananas.  Maybe I’m needing potassium but I find every which way to sneak in bananas – usually at breakfast.

Coconut.  As seen above, I love the stuff.  And let me tell you coconut sprinkled on banana slices – O.M.G. dessert for sure!

Actually coconut has been not just a dietary supplement but an all-over body routine lately.  I use it on my face as a mask and I notice a huge difference.  I’m working on different anti-inflammatory (natural) masks and once I get together a palatable ‘recipe’, I’ll share!  I also use coconut oil on my stomach for stretch marks.

Being from Kerala, coconut is used often and widely.  Not for nothing.  Coconut is a power house of nutrition and other health benefits.

Are all my cravings healthy?  No.  I frequently crave and sometimes eat (sometimes because these are not every day foods):

(1) potato chips – Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar.  ‘Nuff said.

(2) french fries – Always and forever

(3) fried chicken – This will never go away

(4) pizza – With garlic powder, red pepper flakes and Sriracha sauce for toppings.  I dare you to try it.

(5) Magnums – Shall we go there again?

Pregnant or not – tell me what you crave – a healthy craving and a not-so-healthy craving.



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16 responses to “Cravings

  1. One of my bff was pregnant and when I saw her she said she cant have spicy food. That definitely sealed the deal with whole no babies thing with me.

    I heart pickles and havent had a jar in the house in a loooooong time, that needs to change.

    My craving lately has been mexican food and fro yo!

  2. “I eat a pickle every day” – replaces the apple a day, yes? 😀 I love pickles too, and dipped in mustard, that’s another yes!

    my pretty constant cravings, or things I could always eat… sushi, gummi bears, and oooh, a fresh warm loaf of sourdough with melted butter.

  3. I pretty much just crave sugar in every form possible 🙂 I can’t imagine ever liking pickles! They’re my least favorite food, so I wonder if I’ll get over my aversion if I ever get pregnant?

  4. I think I mentioned I had no cravings but a whole lot of aversions…meat and chicken – especially Persian kabobs – nearly put me over the edge. It’s been 6 years and I still can’t go near them!

  5. I love drowning my granola in almond milk, too. Mmmm. So delicious. It’s fun to hear about your pregnancy cravings! I crave almond butter. I also crave my grandmother’s pancakes. And I crave salmon – some nights that’s the only thing my body wants. Hmmm – I also crave salty foods if I’ve been working out a lot – hot yoga or outdoor runs.

  6. I crave bread. I know it sounds silly, but I LOVE a good hearty, chewy, nutty bread. I don’t keep it in the house because of such cravings!! 🙂

  7. Justin is my hero. I liked almond butter before we were introduced, but after meeting him, I LOVE almond butter. The $10 jar is so worth it. He must put crack in the jar.

    I crave sweets all the time, but at the same time I crave brussel sprouts a lot too.

  8. I love this post!! I too am obsessed with Justin’s…seriously what is in that stuff?! Oh and I’m definitely going to give that banana-coconut combo a try!!

  9. I’m definitely not pregnant, but I have enough clients who are that cravings are a daily topic for me!
    I crave sunbutter, oreos, and cereal…

  10. Im a cereal junkie, and I too love, JUST LOVE hot spicy food!
    though im much in pickle.
    n chocolate chip cookies are my all time craving *drools*.

  11. plus i can also gulp down a bottle of chilli garlic sauce, *HI-FI*

  12. Rach @ This Italian Family

    Okay so until I got to the end of this post I was thinking that you had to be the only pregnant person I’d ever met with only healthy food cravings, haha! I crave pizza and pasta all the time and I never turn my nose up to fried chicken either. 😉

  13. Im 32 weeks pregnant and I am always craving peanut butter and York Peperment Patties!! Not together tho! lol I eat peanut butter straight outta the jar by the spoonful and Yorks are a frequent night time dessert 🙂

    Congrats on your pregnancy by the way!!

  14. I crave breads a lot. One of the reason why oatmeal is a serious “must” in the mornings- it helps fulfill my mental carb needs. 🙂
    I also crave chocolate chip cookies often. It’s the need for sweet and they’re my favorite…

  15. Amy

    haha mmm pickles and mustard…delicious. your cravings sound a lot like mine except im not pregnant haha

  16. I love that you are eating pickles dipped in mustard. Mmm, pickles. My main, consistent craving throughout this pregnancy has been Mexican food! In the first tri I had a lot of aversions and my main meal of choice was a cheeseburger. I found that odd, since it seems like so many pregnant women can’t stand meat early on!

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