I Should Have Yelped.

To Yelp Or Not To Yelp.   That was the question.

Throughout the San Francisco to San Diego road trip, I was glued to my iPhone.  My phone served as a map and most importantly – a restaurant rater.  In Dallas, I rarely Yelp.  But, in an unknown place, I Yelp.

Needless to say, Binks got severely irritated and like I said, around Big Sur, got sick of it.  And, I got it.  I’m on a scenic road trip and I spend most of my time looking at a tiny phone screen.  I too got sick of it.

After walking down State St. in Santa Barbara, we worked up a small appetite.  Binks said he would pick a place (sans Yelp) and it would be great.

Binks is a liar.

He picked Uncle Roccoco’s.

You know Binks and his pizza.  How bad could a pizzeria be you ask?

Red Flag 1:  Offering New York Pizza in Santa Barbara.

Red Flag 2:  New cheese on top of old cheese on top of an old pizza slice.

Red Flag 3:  It tasted gross.

Let’s say after this colossal failure, Binks never complained about using Yelp again.

Do you Yelp?  Are you addicted to your phone?


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14 responses to “I Should Have Yelped.

  1. I use urban spoon – just like yelp… on our road trip recently, Jason was using an app that was SO fun – he’d say “deli sandwich” into his phone and it would give us (via satellite) the nearest places to find one… then we’d look at reviews. SO fun and effective! 🙂

  2. See, Binks should have used the Yelp! New cheese on top of old cheese is never a good idea-sorry for your bad experience.

    I heart the Yelp so much but have a blackberry and the app sucks on my phone. So if I am going out of town, I look ahead of time.

  3. I’m like you—I yelp while traveling! We definitely yelped everything last week while in Florida 🙂

  4. ha, my phone is pretty old-school and there’s not much to want to look at. sorry to hear the pizza was so disappointing!

  5. I always Yelp or Metromix. Or both. Depending on how big of a deal it is… lol

  6. I am all about Yelp! It hasn’t done me wrong yet. I need to find time to write reviews for Yelp though. I hear if you write enough you get coupons and invites to special food events!

  7. Oh man! Too bad you didn’t go to Rusty’s- it has THE BEST PIZZA EVER. Yes, all caps- it’s that good! My mom worked there when she was a teenager, hehe.

  8. Oh no! That is such a giant bummer! I don’t usually use Yelp, but I might start now! You must come to New York for good pizza 🙂

  9. I’m a Yelper, for sure. I get a little slack in doing my reviews (shame on me!), but I use it All. The. Time. Both in town, and on vacation. I also check out UrbanSpoon at times, but like Yelp better.


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  11. We love Yelp! It kind of failed me this past weekend, though. We knew we were in trouble when the restaurant was completely empty when we sat down! Ha!

  12. I Yelp like it’s my job. I seriously didn’t know what I did before Yelp gave me other people’s opinions on where I should eat.

  13. Hell yea I yelp!! I’m a yelpaholic!!! When my husband went to puerto rico he yelped there! hahaha

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