Wrapping Up San Fran

I’m 90% sure I could spend a whole month in San Francisco and still have more to see.  So, I think the best thing to do is just to move here.  Ah…I’m in love.

The weather is magnificent.  At first, my Dallas-acclimated-body was not ready for the cold (and neither was my coat-less packed luggage). But, after some time, I really got used to it and realized it’s more of a breeze and less of a harsh cold like I have encountered in Dallas, Chicago or Boston.

All in all, I visited one of the most beautiful places ever – both inside…

…and outside (the city).

Ate delicious food.

{A carne asada super burrito from Mission’s Taqueria El Farolito}

All wrapped up by a walk through Chinatown.

Next up is the road trip from San Fran to San Diego.  Remember the to-do list?  Let’s see how much Binks and Olie gets done.


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16 responses to “Wrapping Up San Fran

  1. I LOVE San Fran. If I could move anywhere, it would be there. I just fall in love with it every time I go there. I live near San Diego and really like it there too! Very different though.

    When I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge the Full House theme song played in my head… you too? lol

  2. love our pictures! so glad you had good weather 🙂

  3. Gosh, I really need to go there. Even if just for one of those burritos! Holy heck that looks good!

  4. I love SF and if I move out of Boston, it’s on top of my list. Wonderful recap of your trips, and great pictures as usual. The weather in Boston in horrible today and I wish I can teleport myself there for now!

  5. I heart SF but never feel like I have enough time there t properly explore. I can’t wait to hear about the road trip and the beautiful pics you get! I feel like everyone is on vacation this wk 🙂

  6. I love San Fran!
    Looks like it was a beautiful day when you went to Muir Woods (?). The day we rented a car and drove out there (my birthday, no less) the weather was awful. Rainy and so cold. All of my pics from Muir Woods were taken from under my umbrella, or with my camera wrapped up in my scarf! boo.


  7. Ah, San Fran! I want to go so badly…the scenery and the food—awesome!

  8. Beautiful. I’ve never been to SF, but someday I will!

  9. Ahhh, the drive down the coast is amazing! I don’t know if you’re already in San Diego, but let me know if you’re in Orange County 🙂

    • We’re already in San Diego. We were actually short on time and we rushed to San Diego – currently in the airport! Next time I’m going to visit blog friends along the way!

  10. Soooo jealous! It looks like the weather has been gorgeous for you!

    Have fun!

  11. san fran has a specially place in my heart. The weather, the beautiful homes, hills, markets, etc. So glad you had a great time.

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