I Know…

I know summer is on the horizon (despite Dallas’ recent cold front)…

…when the garden is yielding the most beautiful bounty.

…when a brightly colored bowl of apples serves as appropriate table decor.

…I dream about these smoothies for breakfast.

…when this salad serves as lunch and dinner for several days.  I double the dressing recipe.

 How do you know when summer is on the horizon?

FYI – Currently Listening to: Fiona Apple – I Know


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12 responses to “I Know…

  1. I know summer is near when I have to water my garden when I get home from work each evening.
    Also, when I’ve been able to buy fresh local strawberries at the Farmer’s Market for the past 3 weeks.


  2. I know summer is almost here when TAKS testing is done and the school year is almost over.

  3. Beautiful! I want both the flowers and apples to grace my kitchen table please 🙂 I know it’s summer when I finally pass the fruit guy who sets up shop on NYC street corners. Best fruit, super cheap. I miss it all winter!

  4. I live your polka dot bowl. Yay for summertime!

  5. oh perfect summer choices! is that coconut on top of the smoothie? WOW! I love the fresh juices, salads, grilling, now I am drooling!

  6. I love Fiona Apple! And I love these photos. Beautiful flowers. I had sunflower seeds yesterday for the 1st time in ages and they were so good. I’d almost forgotten about them. Summer is getting closer because I got out all of my shorts/flip-flops/tanks/sundresses, Billy is grilling, the sun sets soooo much later and I’m craving fresh fruit all day!

  7. The flip flops.
    When all the sudden, the footwear randomly placed around my apartment is taken over by sandals… that’s when I’m happy. 🙂

  8. I know summer is nearing when I can’t sit in my un-air conditioned car without sweating through my clothes!

  9. These pictures are beautiful!! I love the flowers. Fresh fruit, cute summer dresses on store racks, and warm weather scream summer to me!

  10. When my favorite fruit is on sale and farmers markets start!!

  11. Amy

    what is that smoothie? i want it!!

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