How I Do Art

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been stalking most of the internet for house decor purchases lately.

I have some wall space to the right of my fireplace where I knew I wanted to hang some framed art – something that really represented Binks and I.

I found the perfect frames for the area at West Elm.

Most of my stalking revolves around Etsy.  Quite coincidentally, I found poordogfarm and I really fell in love with two pieces in particular.

I always refer to Binks as a Little Bird.

And he refers to me an as Elephant.

(Let’s say when we were dating, I took great offense to this at first because I thought he was just calling me fat.  But, after finding out the reasons, I realized how special it really is.  Plus, if he was making jokes, I’ll just squash that little bird with one leg.)

The classic prints look perfect in the frames.

I can’t wait to hang them up this weekend.

Where and how do you art?  Do you stalk Etsy?  What are some of your favorite Etsy sellers?


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14 responses to “How I Do Art

  1. oh I wish I was artsy like that. how about you me art and I’ll make you food??? hehe.

  2. I love Etsy! I bought my sister the cutest owl painting for our birthday last year for four bucks. Some stuff is really expensive, but I can usually find a good deal!

  3. this is totally cute 🙂 Both the story and the pictures!!

  4. Love the bird and elephant pics! The frames are great too…I’m so random on etsy. I’ve bought a few things, but tend not to stick to one artist. I’d say I have no art style that I gravitate to, but when I see something I like I know it for sure!

  5. those are amazing!!!! i love the elephant 🙂

  6. I haven’t given in to checking out Etsy because I don’t have time for another obsession! 🙂 I love the Little Bird and Elephant pieces…and nicknames. We all need an animal nickname!

  7. I love Etsy… it’s one of my favorite time killers during work… shhh… totally didn’t say that…

  8. so nice artwork!…the only art i ever HUNG up was of a scenery made out of broken glass choryia (bracelets) pieces!

  9. OMG, cutest idea EVER!!! I love that you took your nicknames and used them for the frame ideas!!

  10. I LOVE these prints! I’m currently working on a gallery wall for my entryway and am definitely stalking Etsy for some good stuff to mix in with family photos, paintings that we’ve procured from abroad and other great pieces 🙂

  11. Absolutely perfect!! The prints are gorgeous… Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous place for me 😉

  12. Those are really really cute. I get sucked into Etsy too…

  13. kathleen

    i stalk etsy for baby stuff. especially toys because they aren’t made in china. and non-china made toys makes me happy =)

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