In a Funky Slump

If you noticed lately, I have not been posting that many food-related pictures or recipes as per normal.  Since the juice cleanse, and a week of the SCD diet, I have not been very keen on food lately.

I’m not sure what it is, but this phase has hit before where I just take a week break from eating my own food.

I haven’t had one inkling of desire to cook anything.  I have been wanting to try out coconut flour based recipes for a while, but NADA.  I don’t want to eat my own cooking, and all I have been craving are fruits and juice.  Who knew I would go backwards to the juice cleanse.

I think it might be that this recipe went seriously wrong and I’m scared to retry with another SCD recipe.  It’s totally my fault btw – b/c I’m pretty sure there is a fine difference between almond meal and almond flour.  I used the former.  I probably should have used the latter.

So, all in all – I’m in a cooking slump.

Do you get in a cooking slump?  What do you do?  What do you eat?  How do you regain your mojo?  Have you cooked with coconut or almond flour?


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12 responses to “In a Funky Slump

  1. Amy

    i get in food slumps all the time! like right now haha. i usually check out blogs for motivation or food magazines like cooking light or clean eating. ive never cooked with coconut or almond flour…sounds kinda interesting though!

  2. I get in cooking slumps for sure! I was so busy over the weekend with work and activity that my “cooking” was making a quick salad, grabbing a larabar for the road, an apple & almond butter if I had time…I ate more dried fruit and nuts than anyone should ever eat, but it’s what I was craving and so easy for on-the-go!

  3. i feel ya girl…me too. i’m trying my best to break out of it!

  4. I’ve definitely been there before. Sometimes I just get burnt out and uninterested in cooking. I usually just roll with it. I’ll eat really simple things like eggs + toast, pasta, salads, etc. And go out to eat a lot…

    The cooking slump has happened to me a few times in the past and I usually get my drive back after a week or so. I’m sure you’ll find your mojo again, soon!

  5. I’m in a slump too…I think I’ll just wait it out! I have thought about forcing the issue a little, but really it would just be to give me something pretty to take pics of. So I’m going with the flow instead.

    I have almond flour and coconut flour…and have used both, but not for anything spectacular!

  6. I’m often in a slump. I make the same things with little variations pretty much every week. That’s why if I post about food, it’s more likely to be about something I baked rather than the 100th salad or stirfry I made for dinner/lunch.

  7. Oh friend! I understand…mainly because I desperately need to grocery shop and have no options left at home. On an unrelated note I was watching TV last night and something made me think of you (I honestly don’t remember now what it was) and I thought “My friend Susan”…even though we’ve never met! I guess you’re an internet blogging lovely friend!

  8. I get in cooking slumps all the time. In fact, I’m in one right now!

  9. My cooking slumps are usually stress/time related but I definitely go through them. Now that I’m temporarily at home you can’t pry me away from my kitchen! 🙂

  10. I get in cooking slumps constantly! I try to buy a new ingredient so I can try a new recipe 🙂

  11. Slumps suck. I am in one right now where I have a bunch of food, just no motivation to cook. Times like these are where I would love to have a cook on hand! They often come for me when it gets warmer out as opposed to when its cooler out. I usually just wait it out and hope it passes soon or I start menu planning so it gives me something to look forward to cooking wise.

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