The Underdog

When I read about I Am Baker’s Call To Bakers, I jumped at the opportunity.

I like to bake.  And, I like to help.

I help myself to cookies and the cookies help me in return.  Don’t tell me you haven’t found solace after a bite of a warm freshly baked cookie.

No?  Just me?  Well, the cheese stands alone.

One of my favorite cookies, is the most underestimated – the sugar cookie.

At parties, people always seem to gravitate towards the cookie with more “things” in it (i.e., chocolate chips, nuts, oats, coconut).  The sugar cookie always goes unnoticed or picked as a last alternative.

But, I tell you – don’t take the sugar cookie for granted.  It’s in the sugar cookie you find the strength of the baker.  It’s in the sugar cookie you can actually taste the dough without any distractions.  Every part can be dissected and examined – the texture, flour to butter ratio, the crackle on top and how the salt complements the dough.

And my favorite sugar cookie is found here, an adaptation of this.

It’s perfect.

Perfectly sweet.  Perfectly chewy.  Perfectly simple.

Binks hates sugar cookies.  His favorite cookie would be chocolate chip wherein every ingredient would be chocolate chips – pretty much chocolate chips with a small side of cookie dough.

He loves this cookie.  The recipient of these should probably know that there would have been 5 more if Binks had not seen them.  And, there could have been 20 less if I didn’t end up hiding the cookies from him.

For what it’s worth, he has proclaimed this the BEST sugar cookie ever.

I wouldn’t believe him except for the fact that they are.

They really are.

What’s your favorite non-chocolate chip cookie cookie?  Do you like sugar cookies?

**Side note: It took every iota of my discipline and willpower not to even have one bite.  I did get in a lot of smells though.


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23 responses to “The Underdog

  1. Sugar cookies are always the ones I gravitate towards…right after the chocolate chip of course.

    These definitely look amazing!!

  2. I’m not a huge cookie person, but I normally grab oatmeal! 🙂
    These look great – and I’m not sure how you managed not to have even ONE bite!!

  3. These look delicious! I didn’t like chocolate as a kid, so I always went for the sugar cookies…or snickerdoodles! I also love ginger cookies and oatmeal raisin. 🙂

  4. I love sugar cookies! They would be my second choice after chocolate chip 🙂

  5. Yes! I love sugar cookies! There aren’t many cookies that I don’t love actually, but sugar is definitely high on my list. Basic, simple and always fantastic!

  6. Sugar cookies are never a first option for me. Mostly because it’s hard to find one that is done really perfectly… I like the *just sweet enough* and they HAVE to be chewy… It’s always disappointing to bite into one that just crumbles…

  7. I LOVE sugar cookies. My mom makes the best ones- so soft and yummy 🙂

  8. hmmmm, cookies without chocolate in ’em?! Well, alright. But only since you make ’em look so good. Our fav after chocolate chip is probably oatmeal raisin, but we’ll see if this can bump it out of the #2 spot. My tiny plastic co-writers and I discovered some pretty amazing snickerdoodles a while back. But even those were, yes, chocolate.

  9. I was wondering how you baked them without eating one. I have a hankerig for oatmeal raisin for some reason… also snickerdoodles.

  10. I feel like yellow cake is always underestimated but is one of the most delicious

  11. I love sugar cookies—and these look great! I’m first to go to cookies without stuff in them…snickerdoodles would be another fave 🙂

  12. As long as they’re not rock hard, I’ll pretty much eat any sugar cookie 🙂 they’re soooo good. Even snickerdoodles are up there on my list too!!!

  13. I like all cookies, I don’t discriminate.

  14. It’s true – I would never choose a sugar cookie. Ever. They just don’t do anything for …? But I admit, yours look tasty.
    My favorite non-chocolate cookie is definitely the Snickerdoodle. It’s a childhood memory thing, for me. My Mom used to make them all the time.


  15. did you just send me these?! omg THANK YOU so much!!! They are so soft and yummy!!! THANK YOU!

  16. I love love love sugar cookies too! Especially when they’re nice and chewy 🙂 These look delicious!!

  17. ooh, I love sugar cookies! I love any cookie really, ha! I love love gingerbread!!

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  19. I love that you did this too! 😀 makes you feel good, right?

    I ate one of mine… and quickly packaged the rest up! 😀

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