Day 4 + Decision

It’s day four of the juice cleanse/fast and I see a little difference.  Do you?

The redness and bumps have subsided a bit – not by much.

Now, the concern is what to do after.  I received a lot of helpful advice from so many of you about eating styles to follow after the fast.  Almost every suggestion said gluten-free, dairy-free and slow on the meat.  After extensive research (I mean it’s all I had when I don’t have food), I have decided to do the specific carbohydrate diet.

Have you heard of it?

It’s not really a diet as it requires a lifestyle change.  I think the “diet” that I can compare it to the most is the Paleo diet.

A dermatologist told me that a probable cause of my face being this way is an overgrowth of bacteria in my stomach – hence the numerous prescriptions of antibiotics I was given to kill that bacteria.  Bacteria feed on sugars.  The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) eliminates refined sugars, starches, and grains from the diet (and pretty much all processed foods).

The theory is that because the bacteria feed off of the sugars from the above, the bacteria multiply.  In essence the SCD is supposed to starve out the bacteria.

There is an extensive illegal/legal eating list.  The SCD does allow  meats (unprocessed), eggs, cheese and butter.  But, I think I’m going to hold off on incorporating those back and in and start slowly.

The diet seems appropriate because my face over the last 6 months has taken a turn for the absolute worse.  And about 6 months ago was when I substantially increased the grains.  I don’t know – just a hypothesis at this point.  But, it’s worth a try.

What this means to me?

–  No breads (no sandwiches).

–  No oats, no buckwheat, no rice.

–  No chickpeas/garbanzo beans (no hummus).

–  No candy/cookies/cake/etc.

–  No quick meals (i.e. fast food, Boca burgers, etc.)

–  More salads.

–  More soups.

–  More whole foods (fruits, veggies, over-time lean meats).

–  More opportunities to experiment with different recipes.

I think it’s worth an effort and I’ll track my process and eating habits along the way.

Have you heard of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet?  Ever tried it?  Did it help?  Have you tried the Paleo diet?  Have you given up bread?  How did it go?

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23 responses to “Day 4 + Decision

  1. I think it does look a bit better. That’s an interesting diet/theory. I never thought about the bacteria in my stomach effecting other parts of me….interesting stuff. I would definitely think eating more salads and more whole, clean foods would improve the skin. It’s brave of you to share this with everyone by the way. I think it’s nice for readers, since everyone struggles with something, and nice for you to hear about other people’s similar struggles. Definitely keep us posted on how the diet effects you!

  2. I can tell a difference! I hope it continues to lessen over the next few days of your cleanse. I hadn’t heard of the specific carbohydrate diet, but it makes sense. I haven’t necessarily given up bread, but I am eating gluten-free. There are so many GF breads and flours out there these days. Billy has been eating a Paleo diet for 3 weeks and he’s loving it!

  3. I’ve never heard of SCD — I’ll be honest when I say that I think it would be tough, but if you get good results that should be motivation to keep up with it.

  4. yes, I can tell a difference. I have heard of that diet as well. Very similar to Paleo and Primal. I say do what you think it best and what makes you feel best.

  5. I did Atkins for awhile – it made me so angry! lol

  6. I definitely see a difference and I hope that it keeps improving for you! I’ve never been on any kind of diet because I just dont think I have the willpower! Anything that has restrictions is difficult for me so I try to just go the “moderation” route. I hope your new diet works!

  7. I haven’t heard of it. I’ll be interested in seeing what happens. Question-do you wear makeup during the day or do you go au natural?

    • It depends on the day. If I’m going somewhere I’ll wear make up ( ie client meetings, hearings, depos, etc.). Otherwise – nothing. I don’t want to agitate it with constant makeup use. I have been looking into Bare minerals.

  8. I really hope this works for you!!! I have a feeling the same thing was going on with my son’s eczema!

  9. kathleen

    i’ve heard of it but never tried the SCD diet. some people swear by it. other thought, what about stress? do you think stress has anything to do with your skin? you mentioned your family in the post in which you discussed your rosacia. just curious.

  10. i’ve never heard of this….hope it works. excited to see what new recipes and foods you try!!

  11. I definitely see a reduction in the redness. I eat very similar to the Paleo diet. I think that no matter what specifics you follow, eating whole foods is the way to go. Best of luck to you!!! You know we are all here to support you in whatever decisions you make.

  12. I have no advice for you but hope this works….and I love that you said Do it to it!

  13. I can see a difference, definitely. I have been inc0rporating slightly more meat back into my diet and less grains, and I’ve actually been substantially less bloated and feeling better overall. I think I’m destined to remain a meateater.

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