Cake Walk

Now that I’ve proclaimed myself a baker (I can do that right?), I insist that we do not buy cakes for special events.  Why have a beautifully decorated cake, when I can provide an amateur-ly decorated cake for all special occasions?!

Somehow or another, I have convinced my family that it’s a great idea.  Either that or they will do anything to shut me up.

So, when my mom’s birthday comes around, I jumped at the chance to host a pizza party at my house.  A pizza party for my mom?  Her heart wants what it wants.

You know the pizza.  Meet the cake – The Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake (another Kitchen List-er).

I’m still working on the decorating.  Hmmm-kay?!

I’ve had my eye on this cake for a while and was waiting for the best opportunity to bake it.  What better occasion than my mom’s birthday?

The process was easy.  The cakes were cooperative.

And I used what I had to create something fun and festive for my mommy.

Because a party cannot live by cake alone – that is when there is pizza involved!

By golly.

I think she liked it.

The cake was delicious.  I have never made yellow cake before and this will forever be my go-to recipe.  The sour cream frosting was not necessarily my favorite but it was delicious.  I think I prefer a chocolate butter cream above all when it comes to yellow cake.

So, to my mom – who will let me be me, put up with me being me, forgive me for when me-being-me is not very nice, and eat whatever concoction I make (in lieu of a nice restaurant with a fancy cake) just to support me on her day – Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the best Mom ever!

Do you bake your own cakes?  Does someone in your family?  How do you celebrate birthdays?  Have you tried the Smitten Kitchen Best Birthday Cake?



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46 responses to “Cake Walk

  1. I went on a mission a few years ago to provide my own cakes (or cupcakes!) to every birthday party. There have been some instances when I’ll make both the cake and frosting from scratch and other times where I’m pressed for time and have a neat decorating idea but opt for the handy $1.50 cake box mix. I was REALLY pressed for time last July for Izzy’s birthday party (dolphins) and ended up getting a cake done for me. It was a disaster and I will not likely be doing that again. I think the personal touch and creativity trumps expensive but I can’t deny that there are PHENOMENAL cake bakers out there. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  2. What a great present for your mom. And you’re right it turned out perfectly.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! That cake looks amazing! I bake cakes from cake mixes, but I’d love to make one from scratch. Maybe I’ll try it for the hubby’s birthday.

  4. Pretty cake! I’m not a cake maker so much…my mom is though! I just leave it up to her 🙂

  5. Ok you proclaiming to be a baker somehow reminded me of the Office when Michael delcares bankruptcy and he actually says/declares it. I can see you proclaiming youre a baker with a bag of flour in one hand and oil in the other. Hello random thought!!

    That cake looks bomb and it’s gorgeous. I hate when cakes are so pretty I wouldn’t even want to eat them. Hope your momma has a happy birthday!

  6. Lia

    I do love the cake from smitten kitchen! I use it a lot as well. I agree the cream cheese frosting doesn’t go as well with it, but a chocolate swiss buttercream. Oh it’s perfection!

  7. Love the smarties on the cake! I used white chocolate buttons one time and mini smarties to hide a less than perfect cake’s top. Icing and decorating cakes not being my strong point. My cake looked like a Dalek out of Doctor Who 😉

    • Icing is not my strongest either. I think it’s always uneven but I do love it for hiding cake flaws. I have had some major cake disasters covered up by frosting. And it’s delicious too! 🙂

  8. What a special birthday meal for your mom! My mom is thrilled when I bake things for her, which is rare…maybe I need to step it up. That cake is so festive and looks delicious. My sister makes the family favorite chocolate cake with an icing that is to die for. I think it’s powdered sugar-based. We celebrate birthdays with a family BBQ at home now that I have a bunch of nieces. We used to go out to eat!

  9. That looks perfect, I could die for a piece of cake right now!!! 🙂

  10. that cake looks delicious!!!!!! I’ve been trying more and more to bake without boxed ingredients 🙂 It’s such a good idea!

    • I find myself not always having a box on hand or wanting to whip something up and I almost always have the from-scratch ingredients. I think it’s much better! And just as easy – just a few more steps.

  11. awwwww you baked your mom a cake for her birthday!!!! sooo super sweet! happy bday to your mommy!!!! ❤

    it came out pretty gorgeous ! I like your decorating! super fun =)

  12. the forks with licked icing are the true indicator of how the cake was!

  13. I lovvee, love baking!

    …mostly because it involves a ton of batter-eating.

    AND my favorite easy peasy cake is a diet soda cake. yuuum!

    • I have never heard of diet soda cake – that sounds delicious and fluffy (that’s what the soda part does right?). I have to say that I don’t love cookie dough as much as I do cake batter. I think I could drink it with a straw…oh geez…

  14. Happy birthday to your mom!

    I am the cake maker in the family 🙂 I was going to make one tonight for my dad’s birthday but we have a ton of leftover cake!

  15. Happy Birthday to your mom! What a sweet daughter you are to make her a cake. Frankly, I tried to make a cake once, I even bought the 9″ round pans. Lets just say the pans have been sitting idle since!

  16. This Italian Family

    Aww happy birthday to your mom!! What a great daughter you are! I love the cake and I would totally have pizza for my bday too. I love pizza so much! 🙂

  17. That cake looks delicious. We usually bake cakes. I don’t, per se, but my mom has been known to bake a cake for someone’s birthday.

  18. Your cake looks fantastic! I too insist on making my own cakes and cupcakes now…though I’ll never turn down a bakery visit!

  19. your cakes come out far better than mine do!! they look great!

  20. Birthdays are HUGE in our family! They’re my favorite days!
    I’m the cake baker in our family – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂
    I’m definitely adding this cake to my list of must-tries – it looks delish!

  21. My mom used to bake all of our bday cakes. I wish I could live up to her but she was a stay at home mommy, so she had a very different life than I do. I did make my son’s last bday cake and I was pretty happy with it! But yours looks waaaay better than mine did!! 🙂

  22. I’m big into the cake baking. My personal birthday request is a cookie cake, but I do enjoy making the regular ones more… 🙂

  23. Happy birthday to your mom! Your cake looks yummy.

  24. My birthday is next month, and you can certainly decorate a cake for me! 😉

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