Less is More

Obviously, I love bread.  I bake it and have eaten more than my fair share.  But, nothing – and I mean nothing, makes bread so satisfying as using it for a sandwich.  Did I mention I’m a fan of sandwiches?

My favorite sandwich breads are sourdough, rye, potato (being one of my absolute favorites), and wheat.  When the Atkins fad came, I saw a proliferation of wraps to replace breads.  I tried to jump on the wrap wagon, but I missed the bus.  Something about it doesn’t cut it for me.  I missed the soft and pillowy texture of bread.  Moreover, wraps necessarily are not more healthy than bread.  (Check your labels!)

Then, I noticed these little suckers popping up everywhere:

Seemingly harmless. Surprisingly DELICIOUS.  Surprisingly because I was expecting to hate it.  Delicious because it really is soft and filling (5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein).

It went perfectly with my PB&J breakfast.

It even withstood the hard-to-spread PB that Binks likes to use.

Lunch was a Boca burger, light on the sides (unlike here) – just spinach, cheese, mustard and some dollops of hot sauce – I’ve been in a mood.

This bread really proves that you do not need a thick piece of bread to make your sandwich satisfying.  Nor do you need a thin wrap to make the sandwich any more healthy.

*Just like the milk, my reviews are my own.  Nature’s Own has no idea who I am.  I’m just happy with the product and wanted to share!

Are you a sandwich fan?  What’s your favorite sandwich?  Are you a bread fiend?  Have you tried sandwich thins?  Do you like it?



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19 responses to “Less is More

  1. I LOVE bread. I’ve tried the sandwich thins and they’re ok…but given the option, I’m going full bread, not sandwich thin. It’s just not quite enough.

  2. I love sandwiches! I love turkey with provolone or sharp cheddar cheese the most. I am a bit of a “cheese whore”. I also love to put spinach and green bell pepper strips on mine. And bread? Is a must!! I even like the 40-cal per slice stuff. Especially when it has 3g of fiber in it.

    yummmmmy now I want a sandwich.

  3. I love bread too and I can eat a sandwich everyday. I especially love making my own gourmet sandwiches with lots of seasonal vegetables and different pestos. But all of the sudden I am craving almond butter and homemade jam sandwich.

  4. yes, I love the sandwich thins! They have totally replaced my daily bread. They are even good toasted with some laughing cow and honey spread all over it. It will never really replace a good rye or potato (the best ever), but to cut calories? I’ll take it! Your pb+j looks amazing!!

  5. I LOVE sandwiches and bread! I’ve been craving the Dill Chicken Salad Sandwich from TooJay’s deli lately…man is that good!

  6. i’m all about sandwich thins…can’t get the hubby to accept them as a sub for buns…but i’m working on it!

  7. I’ve never tried sandwich thins…but I keep seeing them though!
    I used to eat a lot more bread than I do now–but I still love it, and my fave contents are veggies, hummus, and avocado.

  8. I love bread! I have had bagel thins before but I haven’t heard of sandwich thins…I need to look into them!

  9. I love a good sandwich! I’m very particular about my bread to toppings ratio. My favorite sandwiches include hummus as a spread – it just makes the whole thing come together.

  10. My favorite food, next to Korean sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, is sandwiches. God I LOVE sandwiches!!!

    But I don’t agree….that sandwich thins are bread. They’re…diet marketing crap, to put it bluntly. :-/

    Ack, what I mean is: I’d rather have one open-faced thick slice of bread, than two thin miserable pieces of fluffy airy 100-calorie…stuff. But it’s probably more because I’m cheap and think sandwich thins are ridiculously priced for the amount of substance they have. :-p

  11. I like sandwich thins especially when I am craving the fillings in a sandwich over just bread. Sometimes I need really good bread though!

  12. I love all the questions at the end–I kept reading and reading and your sandwich enthusiasm made me smile.

    I love sandwiches but don’t buy bread too often since I will be on a sandwich kick for a few days then go off of it. I like sandwich thins for a quick fix or a treat but nothing beats real bread!

  13. I haven’t tried the sandwich thins but love the bagel thins! I think, in reflection, that they may be the same product…anyway, sandwiches are a large part of my childhood. Growing up my best friend and I ate salami, mayo, lettuce and tomato on toasted white wonder bread. This combo still reminds me of those days!

  14. I like the thins ok, but prefer the thick, dense, and chewy bread for my sandwiches and toast! Carbs are my friend… 🙂

  15. I’m not a huge bread fan, actually. I like sandwich thins because they serve as a vessel for sandwich fillings with very little bread to interfere 🙂

  16. I like sandwhich thins but unfortunately, my husband does not. I don’t want to buy a whole pack for myself because sandwhiches can get a bit tiring after awhile. I love bread though, esp the crusty kind!

  17. Sandwiches rock my world! I have tried the Arnold’s Thins – they are great!

  18. OMG… I too LOVE me some potato bread. I wonder if there is any gluten-free potato bread out there… I would die! 🙂

  19. I like these sandwich thins too. Sometimes I toast them till they’re crispy and eat them like two giant round crackers 🙂

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