Green With Yummy

It has been my goal as of late to make efforts (substantial efforts) to get rid of things in my pantry/fridge before I go grocery shopping.  For instance, do you know what I can do with a gallon of raw milk that I cannot finish by the expiration date?  Well, I figured it out – so tune in! 😉

In this case, it was spinach.  I usually use it up with green monsters, salads and the like, but I had some extra to use up.

This is where Diana and her Green Monster Muffins enters the scene.  I have had this recipe printed and bookmarked since early early 2010 (I have to stress the early).  With that said, this was definitely not the first time I have tried one of Diana’s recipes (here).

And, like her cookie dough balls, the muffins were another hit!

*The only change I made was to add orange zest instead of lemon and I only had cinnamon apple sauce.  Loved every bite!

Moist, fully flavorful with a hint of the orange, and an excellent crumb.

And, I did eat every single one of those crumbs.

My review of these chic muffins:  très bien!

Have you tried Diana’s Green Monster Muffins?  How do you make efforts to use things up in your pantry/fridge?  Do you enjoy grocery shopping?


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16 responses to “Green With Yummy

  1. I LOVE grocery shopping, I’m kind of a dork that way 😉

    When I have things that need to be used up ASAP, I try to find a recipe that incorporates everything…usually it’s mostly veggies, so a salad or a stir fry do the trick!

  2. My prob is that i think i loveee grocery shopping way too much. Ill be bored and think hmm wonder what i could make and go shop for?!?

    • I do the same thing. I try to use things in my pantry and then I find a recipe that calls for an additional thing to add to my pantry. Thank goodness I have a large pantry!

  3. I love grocery sopping. It’s one of the highlights of my week hehe. Green monster muffins sound awesome.

  4. I hate grocery shopping! ha! I guess bc I usually have two kids in tow and I feel I can’t concentrate as good!

    Interesting muffins!

  5. I’ve been meaning to try green muffins and Spabetty’s green pancakes for a while now… I need to get on the ball! 😀

  6. monster muffins!? ahhh fun!!!! I could see myself inhaling these! =)

  7. These look great! I haven’t made a muffin like this before, I just eased into the green monster smoothie, but I am not opposed to it! They are beautiful!

    • How do you like the smoothie? I thought I would hate it but I have to say I love love love those smoothie bowls! You cannot taste the spinach at all in this.

  8. These sound perfect! I am going to check out the recipe right this very moment!!

  9. Interesting–I would have never thought of that concept! I try to buy basics on the weekend like veggies and milk then use whatever is in my cupboard during the week. I have so much crap sitting in there like staples –rice, pasta, canned veggies it’s pretty easy to incorporate into meals.

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