Pizza Cake!

If I had to be honest (which I most certainly almost always am), Binks and I order pizza in about once every two weeks.  When vowing to be husband and wife, we also made a sub-vow to find the best pizza in any city we live in.  The sub-vow helps keep the main-vow strong!  It’s the power of pizza.

We have yet to find the best in Dallas.  For my Dallas/Texas readers, help me on this front!  In Houston, it is New York Pizzeria – hands down.  The original location, not the new trend of Russo’s.  I just want a slice.  Hold the ambiance.

Obviously our pizza addiction sets us back a bit of money every two weeks.  So, in an attempt to keep the addiction home – because people tend to stare when you take it outside – I attempted home-made pizza.

And it was easy as pie.

First, the yeast and the proofing.

What you see is just the beginning stages of proofing.  Let your yeast/water/sugar mixture get really frothy (i.e. look to the very right side of the picture below – that’s all proofing baby!)

Then the kneading.  And, resting.


Resting more.

Showing off.



Done and done!

Nom nom!

The pizza crust is from here and the sauce is from here.

I promise you this is a keeper!

Do you order out? How often? What’s your place/food of choice? What’s your favorite pizza restaurant in your area (make sure you tell me your area)?


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31 responses to “Pizza Cake!

  1. I don’t order out often but I do eat out often…hands down the best pizza in Massachusetts is Angela’s in Saugus. Coal fired pizza is the best pizza ever. I didn’t know what good pizza was until I discovered Angela’s.

  2. We don’t get pizza very often. And we’re into homemade calzones right now instead of pizza – so good! 🙂

  3. This looks delicious! BIlly and I love pizza. There are a couple of places near our home that we walk to every once in a while. It’s been a long time since we’ve ordered delivery. My favorite pizza is one cooked in a wood burning oven….the best crust!

  4. yeeeah girl! that looks amazing! i love homemade pizza

  5. We don’t eat a lot of pizza and when we do it’s usually birthday related. Like this weekend we went to a new local pizzeria and tried fun new pizzas with my fam. They were great! Ryan and I are Asian food lovers so if we do any take-out or delivery its usually Vietnamese, Thai, Sushi or Chinese. 🙂 We make homemade pizza with the kids which is always fun!

  6. There’s a place in North Fort Worth called Big Joe’s that’s pretty great. It’s New York style and the only place I’ve found where I can buy a slice and not have to get the whole pie. It’s what I miss most about Pittsburgh! Good pizza can come from a chain like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Great pizza comes from places called Lucci’s and Big Joes!

    • I have to try it next time I’m there – I have been to Unos and I didn’t like it. I have to check it out!

      • Olie, it is about as far north as you can get and still be in technical city limits, just a heads up! Nice big thin crust slices though. If you get the chance to try it you’ll have to let me know what you and Binks think!

  7. Shaun and I make pizza about once a week – but I am definitely not as fancy as you in that I buy the dough! I need to try out making my own 🙂 There is nothing better than good pizza…this post solidifies that you must come to New York to try some of the best in the world!

    • Okay I just only recently discovered that you go to a pizza place and ask for dough – so yeah… fail. 🙂

      And you know I’m coming to NY – in Oct to be exact!! Let’s go get pizza! If you want to!

  8. Pizza is one of my favorite things to get delivered- but to be honest, the last time I got food delivered was over 2 months ago.

    If you’re getting it delivered in Chicago, you really need to make sure and live by a Giordano’s… by far my favorite! D’Agostino’s a close second just because it’s awesome with their late night thin crust…

    I actually sort of love experimenting with making my own homemade pizza. And for some reason, it seems to impress people. Score!

  9. Thats gorgeous! I don’t care how sick or full I am, I am always in the mood for pizza! I don’t order out too often maybe once every weeks I would say and when I do, I usually have some kind of coupon or groupon.

  10. Caree @ Fit-mama

    I am in the Dallas area and LOVE Rockyannos. Have u tried their pizza?!

  11. Here in Austin we’re a big fan of Promise Pizza… awesome organic ingredients, gluten-free crust options, and Daiya available! I can get my GF/DF pizza and he can get an all the meats monstrosity! 😉

    • I have to try that next time I’m down there. I have never heard of it. When I was there (for school), the big thing was the pepperoni rolls at….I can’t remember the name of the place…do you?

  12. That pizza looks divine. I love homemade pizza. They are so quick and easy to make- much better than ordering in!

  13. In Dallas, I really like(d) Piggie Pies. Sadly, no more pizza for me… I always wanted to try Fireside Pies but never got around to it before learning of my gluten and dairy intolerance. Boo.

    • I have never been there but now it’s on my “to-try” list! I’ll update you on my review! 🙂 Thanks for the rec. I too want to try Fireside Pies! I heard its delicious!

  14. Ooo, I love pizza. My father is obsessed with making homemade pizza and will tell you in detail, each time he makes it, how much money he is saving by making it at home. We outfitted him with all of these pizza stones, cutters, etc for Christmas and he was so pumped!

    I’m lucky to live in RI, home to MANY Italians – if you’re ever in our tiny state I will bring you on a pizza tour!

    • Woo hoo! I would love that! More than me – it’s my husband’s (Binks) goal to have pizza everywhere he goes! So, don’t worry, if we are in RI, we will hold you to this! 🙂

  15. Since apparently I have a sensitivity to dairy all the sudden, ordering pizza out is no longer an option for me. 😦 Which is sad ’cause I looooove pizza. But it’s okay ’cause my favorite pizza has always been the one we make at home anyway (and I can put dairy free ‘cheese’ on my pizza at home!). Recipe here:

    Your pizza looks super yummy! It is definitely making me hungry for pizza, haha!

  16. ahh yum!! This looks so amazing, homemade pizza is the best!!

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