The Milk Ladies.

I hated milk as a kid.  It could be that my mom forced me to drink it every morning before school.  I plead with her to stop because it made my breath stink.  She thought I was an idiot, and ignored my desperate cries.  She did the same thing with cod liver oil.  I should have called CPS.

Now, that my mom doesn’t force me to drink milk, my MIL has entered the picture.  She is determined to find me the best milk substance(s).  I think she is trying to butter me up (haha, pun) for keeping milk around for future progeny.

No, I’m not pregnant.

And butter me up she did.

Meet my refrigerator’s new contents:

Lucky Layla Farms is a locally operated dairy store, which offers rBGH free milk products and more.  Please note that I have never been to the farm, and that Lucky Layla Farms has no idea who I amMy review is my own.

MILK:  DIVINE!  One sip brought me back to my childhood in India when we drank milk produced from our very own family cow.  Yep, we had a cow.  She was adorable.  I really doubt it’s the best for anyone watching their calories as it tastes like drinking beautiful cream!  If you’re not into that, excuse me while I have my moment.

I know that there is a debate about consuming raw v. pasteurized milk.  I have read several studies, theories and opinions prior to drinking this, and have based my consumption on my research, my opinion and what’s best for me. I encourage you to make your own decision.

YOGURT:  DELICIOUS!  Everything about the yogurt tastes natural!  It’s not overly sweet and you can really taste the fruit in the drink.  I was tempted to throw this into a smoothie for breakfast but I would enjoy this more alone.  No need for adulteration.

BUTTER:  You know I saved this for last on purpose, right?  There are no words.  It’s everything that the sticks of butter should be, but isn’t!  It’s the butter that you find yourself dreaming of when you have a slice of bread.  I can promise you that I will never use this in cooking as I want to savor each bite.

Looks like I need to bake some bread.

Have you tried raw milk?  Do you like milk?  Do you drink milk on a regular basis?  Did your mom force you to drink milk every morning?  Cod liver oil?  🙂


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37 responses to “The Milk Ladies.

  1. Love that you can get raw milk there! Unfortunately raw milk is illegal in NC, but IS legal across the border in SC.

    However, I can get farm-fresh milk here that is “minimally pasturized”, and it is 2 days out from the cow. Delicious!

    I love milk, and always have.


  2. I tried raw milk when I was a kid in the Philippines and remember loving it. I actually really, really like milk now – skim milk, 1%, soymilk, almond milk, if it has the word milk in it, I like it. Same goes for butter 😉

  3. I was never into milk as a kid (just drinking it alone). But I always loved yogurt, cheese, etc, and I’m tall–so clearly it didn’t affect me too much, haha. I have never tried raw milk, I really want to though! I think it isn’t legal to sell in all states though, right?

    It all looks delicious!

  4. wow.. I’ve never heard of that! and I’m a milk lo-o-over!

    I just stumbled over here.. love your blog. 😉

    AND.. have you tried that buttah on popcorn? do it, please. for me.

  5. It makes me wonder if we were all to drink raw milk (as it’s intended to be consumed, in my opinion), if there would be less lactose intolerance! These products look and sound divine, and raw milk cheeses are truly out of this world!

  6. I am not a big fan of dairy milk unless it’s COLD. I usually stick to hemp milk or coconut milk. That said…as long as there are no added hormones it’s ok in my book. My kids still drink whole milk. They love it.

    That yogurt and butter look so crazy amazing. I’m a BIG pina colada fan so that would be right up my alley.

    • I have yet to try hemp milk. I tried hazelnut milk recently and I was underwhelmed. I have to try hemp – I have been reading about its health benefits too!

      I haven’t tried the pina colada yet. I tried the blueberry and it is delicious!

  7. I hated milk as a kid, too- actually, I still kind of do! I stick to almond milk 🙂

  8. I’m not a big milk drinker anymore either (my Mom made me drink it when I was a kid, too!) but then again I never buy it from local farms. I really should- I’m sure it makes a HUGE difference.

  9. I drank milk when I was a kiddo, but stopped in 4th or 5th grade. I’m intolerant to lactose, so I use dairy alternatives. My favorite is almond milk – low sugar with a dose of healthy fat. 🙂

  10. I was never a huge milk drinker. My mom didn’t make me because she didn’t like it much, either. However, I do go through a decent amount of it now because I stick it in my oatmeal (instead of water). That’s the only sneaky way I get the calcium into my diet… 😉

  11. I’ve never had raw milk. In China, milk is for babies and toddlers so it is full of fat and sugar. I liked it, but the rest of my family could just barely tolerate it. I drank milk at every meal growing up (and loved it) and also all through college until my senior year when I no longer had an on campus meal plan and had to start paying for my food out of pocket. Then I realized milk was expensive and quit drinking it. And then a miracle happened… I quit being bloated all the time. Low and behold I’m lactose intolerant. HA! Oh the irony. Anyway, I drink soy or almond milk now and I love it just as much and my tummy is so much happier with me! 🙂

    • I have to say milk doesn’t sit right with me either. But, I have not had any trouble with raw milk as of yet. With that said, I only drink 1/2 cup probably every other day as a treat. So, who knows if I did the glass my mom used to give me.

  12. I have not ever had raw milk, but I’m not opposed to it! All of this sounds really fantastic!

  13. this is awesome it’s in plano! so close I wanna try their stuff!

  14. Ha!! I’m not a milk person either. I can’t drink it straight up. And instead of milk in my cereal I use yogurt. Now it seems I’ve passed this onto my son…….. 🙂

    • I have to say it took me a while to get used to sweet yogurt. I grew up eating yogurt in terms of raita. So it was a big adjustment. I will eat it here and there but I won’t say it’s my favorite!

  15. It cracks me up that every Indian/Pakistani person in the world believes that not drinking milk is the cause of every ailment knowing to man. I used to drink it by the gallon, mainly because everyone insisted I do but now it makes my skin break out so I can’t have it anymore. 😦

  16. I don’t drink regular milk at all anymore (only almond or soy) but when I did drink it straight as a kid, it was always whole milk because my family too had a cow 🙂 It was delicious. Every once in a great while I drink a glass of regular whole milk and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

    • After leaving India, we never drank whole milk. I think my mom imprinted that in me so much that I never even looked at it. It was always 2% in our family. I need to share my raw milk with her! 🙂

  17. I’ve always loved milk. With ice, please. However, I didn’t know until I was in my teens that people drank anything besides Skim milk. A friend came to my house and wanted to know why my parent’s milk was blue. Who knew?!

  18. Oh man, I’ve been dyyying to try raw milk! The culinary school I went to was so gung-ho about the benefits of raw dairy and ever since then I’ve been trying to get my hands on some. Good to know it’s available for purchase around Dallas! Also good to know it’s DELICIOUS!

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