I Run This

Yesterday, at the end of my one-hour consultation with a potential client, wherein I told him I will review his case and get back to him, the potential client asks, “Will you get Mr. Binks to help you review my claim or is it just you?

I sat there for about a solid minute staring back at him in disbelief.  There were so many things wrong with that sentence, I took some time to process.

I could share my resume with you.  I won’t.  I’m qualified.

I worked my butt off in law school, had several internships, and worked for a mega firm until I decided to go solo.  I have experience, the know-how and the skills to get the job done.  I should make a commercial.

Despite the fact that I know this about myself, one small-minded client really shook me.

If he only knew.

If he only knew the work I put into this, and the many hats I wear everyday.  I’m an attorney, paralegal, administrative assistant, receptionist, counselor, file clerk, book-keeper, office manager and partner rolled into one – just at the office.

I Run This.

I maintained calm, and responded knowing what is truer than any assumption he could ever make of me:

Yes, just me.



“Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


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13 responses to “I Run This

  1. Good for you! People can be so terrible unfortunately 😦

  2. What an ass…when I worked as an insurance adjuster I used to get this ALL the time from male personal injury attorneys. They would first ask to speak to Mr. Zacharias and then when I said I was Ms. Zacharias they would comment on how young I sounded. Some went as far to ask if I was qualified to be adjusting their client’s insurance claim! I fully expect this treatment to continue when I finally find a legal job…but it doesn’t mean I’ll accept it. Keep on it, and prove to those type of clients that they should be ever so grateful to have you as their lawyer!

  3. Good for you!!! What a jackazz……

  4. Good for you for not punching him in the face- I would have been tempted 🙂

  5. Sheesh, people can be such tools! Good for you for keeping your calm!!! 🙂

  6. It’s amazing that as far as women have come…we still have so much farther to go…

  7. You show’em how it’s done lady!

  8. How rude!! Way to tell him though, sometimes short and simple is the best way to get the point across. Get it girl!

  9. Good, you dint lose your calm.

  10. That sucks. I hate it when people question my qualifications. You handled it wonderfully though.

  11. I love your classy response…people like this moron really bother me. I haven’t had to deal with a similar situation since my work is mostly behind the scenes but I hope that I would deal with it as well as you did. Staying calm is the best way to prove your point.

  12. I am such a stalker delving into these old posts but I HAD to comment on this one. Wowzers. I hope you’re not taking his case. What a nightmare that would be to have to work for that douche. I’ve mentioned several times that I work for a sole practitioner. He’s aging and plays Free Cell all day. Yesterday he told me I was the most competent paralegal he’s ever worked with (I am also his receptionist, bookkeeper, payroll, coffee maker, law clerk and bitch) and today he started talking to me like I was an idiot. So I muttered something like…most competent, huh? He asked me what I said and I told him I steffing (cutting back on the swearing) hate it when he talks to me like I’m an idiot. He was so taken aback. I had to laugh about it. I’m getting quite ballsy lately.

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