Stylish Blog Awards!

Two fabulous bloggers, Rachel @ The Avid Appetite and Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean awarded me with a Stylish Blog Award!

Can I just say – this totally made my week/month!  Thank you both so so much!  I started this blog thinking no one would care and in a few months, I already feel welcomed into a network of wonderful people!

So, the rules are simple and you have to pay it forward – how fun!

The Rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2.  Share 8 things about yourself.
3.  Forward it to 8 recently discovered bloggers.
4.  Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.
1.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to both Rachel and Lindsay for the vote!  I read your blogs everyday!  Rachel has awesome recipes, like her new baked potato chips recipe, which I will try for sure (as I have one potato left that has no recipe planned for it).  She is well-traveled foodie who loves to share her delicious experiences with you!  Lindsay – this girl can cook!  And does she have the recipes to prove it!  Her baked mini donuts are on my to-do list (as soon as I find a donut pan).  Lindsay is also a girl after my own heart – an animal lover with an adorable furry family!
2.  Eight things about me:
a.     I believe in the Trinity: Lip balm, lotion, water.  No matter where I am (office, home, running errands), I must have the previous three within arm’s reach.  It used to be a serious problem, as proclaimed by Binks, but I think it’s just a healthy and hydrated lifestyle!
b.     I dine at Sam’s/Costco.  Yes, the samples.  Yes, I come just for the samples.  Yes, Saturday afternoon.  Yes, it’s delicious.  Yes, I’m ashamed.
c.     I am an attorney. And, I love love love my job.  Most people bash attorneys for this that and the other.  While, I run into Mr. This, A-Hole That and others, I pride myself on being myself at work – fair, professional and honest!  I should make a commercial.
d.     I believe in equality in lotion application.  While I cannot believe I’m admitting this, let me explain.  I apply lotion all over my body everyday after a shower.  I do it like so:  I mentally split my body down the middle in two symmetrical parts.  I put equal amounts of lotion on each hand, and apply to each body part on both halves of my body to ensure that no knee is left unturned and subject to unequal ashy-ness exposure.
e.     I love fur.  The alive kind, not the dead.  If I had a lot of money, I would open up a dog farm to house dogs that are abandoned, injured and need a good home.  I hate seeing news stories of puppy mills, dog fights, and just general abuse.  It breaks my heart that people cannot see how animals have emotions and are worthy of love and respect.
f.     I love to bake.  While I love to cook a good meal, nothing gives me more pleasure than baking!  Something about the art and science of baking just agrees with me, and generally makes me happy.  Now, I hope to find healthier ways to bake, and share it with you!
g.    I don’t like color anywhere but my food.  I love black, grey, tan, ivory.  I don’t like white.  I could (and sometimes do) wear black all the time to everywhere (except certain jeans, of course).  I wanted a black car, but due to my inability to keep it clean, Binks and I settled (after serious and lengthy discussion) on a charcoal gray.  My next car will be black – I have been promised.  I am currently planning my house to have all shades of tan and ivory.  My family is trying to show me the light color.  I need to gather myself.
h.     I love; therefore I am.  I believe that everyone exudes an energy that affects everyone and everything around them.  So, if you give love, you will receive love, whether it be instantly or in the future.  I think what we put out is what we get in return.  So, I decide to put forward positive thinking and attitudes for other people and I think whether it be today or the next, I will reap what I sow.
3.  Recently discovered bloggers:
a.  Beth’s Journey to Thin – You have to read her story – it’s amazing.  She is the final motivator that made me start blogging.  She has great tips on how to start running and I visit her running story often to get and keep motivated!
b.  Mile 26 and MoreHeather is a machine.  She’s has a husband, baby, two dogs, a full-time job and finds time to be a fitness instructor.  She makes healthy living a family motto!
c.  Fancy This Fancy ThatAmeena is on my blog roll but I had to give her another shout out.  She has a fantastic blog about finding and maintaining the right balance in life.  She offers a genuine view into her life as a writer, wife, mother, foodie and much much more.
d.  Simply Shaka – Hilarious and a great read!  I have to say one of my favorite blogs to read!  You cannot miss her Frugal Fridays posts either, where she offers you real doable ways to save money on things you love.
e.  The Cookie Battle – You gotta love a girl who loves cookies!  Stephanie offers you a look into her daily life full of recipes, exercise tips and how to lead a general healthy lifestyle!  Did I mention bakes awesome cookies?
f.  Purple Bird BlogChristin makes my breakfast look lame.  I mean her ice cream oat bran sorta blew my mind!  And can it get better that she lives in what I think is the best city in Texas – ATX baby!!
g.  Simply Scratch – Beautiful pictures and well-written.  She makes everything look easy!  Simply Scratch offers you simple methods for preparing your favorite foods and the most basic foods, i.e. how to hard boil an egg, the most delicious looking fried egg sandwich, and more.
h.  Left Coast ContessaKatherine is a law student and a foodie!  She travels all around Los Angeles to give you her reviews of local L.A. restaurants and fun things to do in L.A.  She recently made a quiche that I’ve bookmarked to try!
Thanks for reading and thank you again Rachel and Lindsay for the shout-out!


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26 responses to “Stylish Blog Awards!

  1. Awwwe, thanks for the shoutout girlfriend!!!! ATX is the best, no doubt! I love that you love what you do… its such an important aspect of life, in my opinion!! 🙂

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Fun post!
    I’m a lotion fanatic too…and I’m a bit OCD about applying it evenly to all spots!

  3. B is nothing to be ashamed about 🙂 My Costco gives out pretty crappy samples, so I don’t even bother going on Saturdays any more. I went to a Costco in Phoenix that was giving out the most AMAZING samples- I definitely could have made a meal out of them!

  4. I’m addicted to lip balm too! I use Natural Ice, which is made right here in Buffalo. My daughter in Tampa orders it online by the gross!
    I really like your blog – I’m laughing at how many of the same people we have on our blog rolls. It really is a small (blog) world!
    PS Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  5. I am a lip balm and water addict too, I take them every where I go.

  6. Yay so happy you did this! I also love to dine at club stores, though my favorite is the $1 giant hot dog at BJ’s (not a free sample, but you really can’t beat that deal!). When my husband and I go, we feel like we’re at an amusement park. Sad, but true 🙂

  7. I totally dine at Costco too. You are not alone.

  8. Thanks for tagging me and the sweet words 🙂

    *Let’s open up a puppy place! I would love to buy a house for dogs and let them run free, be happy, nurse them back to health, etc. I can’t go to the humane society for fear that I will take them home just like in “Year of the Dog” (with Molly Shannon, really depressing movie btw)
    *Lip balm is essential. I usually have about three on me at any given time. I need to buy stock in Burts Bees
    *Costco is bomb. I need more friends that have a membership and may have tripped a little kid who tried to reach for the last cheesecake bite at the same I was on my last visit.
    *Love color everywhere! Alot of my friends only wear black, grey, beige, etc and I bash on them lol. I usually look like a kaleidoscope (sp?) of colors b/c I want to wear it all!

  9. crazylittlethingneela

    congrats on your award!
    I am so factinated at your job!! Such a great carrier path you chose there for yourself. I would love to hear more about it

  10. I am a huge fan of charcoal, gray, and black but I am thinking of branching out and purchasing a white car this year! I know! I’m nuts, right? I bet I’m the most daring person you know?? 🙂

    Lip balm, lotion, and water are all standards in my purse. At all times. I think I am addicted to lip balm!

    Thank you for the award. You are one stylish lady!!

  11. I love this little survey! I lotion up every day too! I don’t understand how people don’t. I don’t feel 100% without it. And animals rock 🙂 I’d totally open a shelter with you!

  12. I LOVE THE TRINITY. water, burts bees, and shea butter are my life haha

  13. I had to double take on the “I love fur” one!! You had me going for a second. 😛

  14. Love the last one 🙂 Great philosophy for life!! Im excited to check out some of those blogs!

  15. your ‘trinity’ makes me laugh!

  16. what a fabulous list of bloggers too! its such a blast looking through your answers!! “I believe that everyone exudes an energy that affects everyone and everything around them” .. we think alike!! ❤

  17. Thank you sooooo much for the shoutout! It’s so fun when people fill these out because its nice to get to know the girl behind the blog!

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  19. Thanks for passing this on! I’m getting to it – I swear. 🙂

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