The Maharaja

So let’s talk about Binks!  Specifically, let’s talk about his one tradition when traveling.  For whatever reason that started with whatever trip/year/cockamame idea, Binks insists on eating a Big Mac at every country he visits. 

When I first heard of this tradition, we were in Rome.  It was one of our last meals, and upon hearing that he was going to spoil one of our last authentic meals in Rome with a BigMac, I was irritated at the least.  Why  he would choose an artery-clogging meal over a wonderful pasta dish with fresh tomato sauce was beyond me.

So, I sat with him and watched him eat a BigMac in Rome, and have him analyze it to me as tasting just like the one in U.S.  What a crock.  Then came Tokyo.  Also the same.  Again, what a waste in the land flowing with sake and sushi!

Then……………………..came India.  Upon seeing the menu, I knew I had to try.

The “happy price menu.”  🙂

Now, I love salads.  And I love me some sandwiches.   This is the one time that putting them together may not be the best idea! 

As the majority of India is Hindu and Hindus do not eat beef, McDonald’s in India do not have beef options.  So, there was the Maharaja Mac. 

I didn’t get the bottom half but you get the picture. 

I had the VeggieMac.

It was actualy pretty good!  If they had this option in the U.S., I would partake – on my very rare visit to the golden arches.

Needless to say, the fries are the same:

Is this how I prefer to eat abroad?  No!  But, do I enjoy watching him and the way he calmly unwraps his ‘burger’ and prepares to conduct his experiment?  McYes.



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15 responses to “The Maharaja

  1. How awesome that you are in India! Can I just say that you are taking your life in your hands by eating lettuce over there? Steer clear of any food that isn’t cooked on a very HOT stove…just my 2 cents!!

    Other than that have a great time. Oh, and I’m jealous. 🙂

    • OMG I was forewarned! I am staying away from all cold sauces. I did risk it by drinking sugar cane juice from the side of the road. Luckily I didn’t pay the price…yet anyway! 🙂

  2. that’s too funny 🙂 hope you’re enjoying your trip!

  3. I fully support the Big Mac in every country goal. What a great idea!

  4. That’s interesting! What is in the veggie mac? It looks kinda like eggplant that’s been breaded (btw- if mickey d’s had a breaded eggplant sandwich I would be there once a week).

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  6. jen

    That’s pretty dang cool!!! I would love it if they had Veggie Macs!


  7. that is actually a pretty funny tradition-thing that he has going on!

    loved this post 🙂 so glad you are having a good time

  8. I love that he gets a Big Mac in every country-that’s gangsta! And they have potato wedges there? Say Waaaaaa? Sounds delish.

    I heart the Happy Price Menu!

  9. That’s pretty funny that he has to try a Big Mac in every country. Does he think they taste different?

  10. Hahaha its good to have goals! That veggie burger actually looks pretty good!

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