Food + Strawn’s + Second Hand Smoke = My Trip to Shreveport

My lungs are currently in a state of rage as I have recently exposed them to massive amounts of second-hand smoke.

My brain is telling my foot to kick me in the bum for losing all my money on the roulette table.

My stomach and the rest of my body is in a state of disappointment as I have frequented more restaurants in the past three days than I ever eat out in a month.

Saltgrass, you and I need a break now.

I filled up on bread so much that I ended up throwing away my steak salad – future note to self – pace yourself!

My taste buds and tummy (just a small portion) is loving me for having some Strawn’s strawberry cake!

I don’t know what person thought of this, created this and executed this – but years from now, I know one of the only things I will remember about  this trip is this pie!  So light, so flavorful and so delicious!  If you go to Shreveport – try this pie!!!  I could have made a meal out of this pie, but we all (4 of us) shared it.  By the time it got to me – it looked like this:

Gah – don’t these people know I need uneaten pictures to blog! 🙂

All in a three-days’-worth vacation to Shreveport.

How do you eat during vacation?  I need help/advice!

Hope you all had a great weekend!




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25 responses to “Food + Strawn’s + Second Hand Smoke = My Trip to Shreveport

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my gosh, that bread. I would have overdone it too. Hot, fresh-baked bread is the one reason I never complained much when my friends wanted to eat at a steakhouse. I can make a meal out of that stuff EASILY!

  2. hehe 🙂 I indulge on unique foods (ones that I couldn’t normally get) and go easier on the others. I try to focus on vegetable intense dishes and order sauce on the side. Hope this helps!

  3. I can’t stand second hand smoke! Its my pet peeve!

    On vacation I eat pretty normal and still workout, but allow for fun dinner w/ dessert 🙂

  4. Kat

    Once I saw that bread, I totally knew where you were coming from, lady.

    On vacations I feast. Nothing is off limits.

    HOWEVER, because I like to look attractive on vacation, I try to avoid the Food Python, which is a phrase I came up with after thinking about what a snake looks like when its just eaten a mouse. I don’t want to look like that in my bikini, so I try to keep it under control 🙂

  5. Ohh that pie looks amazing!!

    When I’m on vacation, I only indulge in foods that place may be known for. Otherwise I stick to my usual diet for the most part. I once read something that said “just because you’re away from home, that’s no excuse to eat whatever you want” helped put it into perspective for me.

  6. omg that cake looks soooo good!!!!

  7. Oh, casinos drive me crazy with the smoke..that’s why I took up poker! No smoking in the poker room!!!

    On vacation, I try to make the best choices possible, but remind myself I am on vacation, and I will get back to healthy clean eating in a few days. I don’t use it as an excuse to pig out..but if I am at a great restaurant, and want to split an awesome dessert with my husband, I don’t beat myself up over it. Now, I wont eat pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a heavy lunch, and dessert after a heavy dinner every night…that is extreme. I will eat light during the day, trying to choose salads and healthy sandwiches (I usually do oats in the morning and bring my own bars if I can’t get plain oatmeal). Then, at dinner I make a choice…a rich dinner, or a light dinner with dessert!

  8. Ok so I am going to be the oddball and say I dont mind the smell of second hand smoke. I am a former smoker and still bitter about the fact that I quite so whenever I smell it, it reminds me of happy smoking days. Weird and messed up I know but true.

    That pie looks absolutely divine! I wish I could offer some tips for vacations but I got nothing. I always go with the intention of eating well but still pack my fat pants.

  9. Ahh the bread gets me too! So tough to pass up!!!

  10. Bread is a serious weakness for me! I’ve learned that I have to avoid it completely at restaurants because a. I can’t pace myself either, and b. Gluten usually gives me a stomach ache. Other than bread I really don’t have trouble eating on vacation because I stick to my current habits for the most part!!

  11. crazylittlethingneela

    No regrets when it comes to holiday eating!!!
    I have a stomach that is kinda like an orchid. It is so sensitive that while I am on vacation I have to be super carefull when I eat out. Yet I always enjoy the food that I do eat and don’t regret eating it. Oh maybe later when I get the scooties 😉
    hihi hope you have a lovely day

  12. I typically try to eat the way I normally do on vacation (as much as I can). I just got back from Vegas (luckily my parents have a vacation home there) so I can easily make my own breakfast and lunch and even dinners. We typically only eat out 3-4 times in the whole vacation!
    My best advice is to try to get in as much fruits and veggies as you can but still relax and enjoy yourself! DOn’t panic if you eat a little out of the norm…you’ll get back to your healthier ways once you are home!

  13. Holiday eating is made to be enjoyed! I love hot bread and butter, cocktails and dessert when I’m away or out on a date night! Try and have a bit of everything so you can leave room for your delicious entree- but most importantly- don’t stress it! I’ve eaten entire bread baskets to myself, but sometimes it’s the best part of the meal 🙂

  14. When on vacation, I pretty much eat whatever looks good!

    I do make some effort to get nutrition in (omelettes for breakfast, perhaps a salad on the side with my gnocchi) … but travel is a great opportunity to try new foods in new places, and I think that’s the # 1 priority.

  15. It sounds like fun though 🙂 Great blog!

  16. on vacations i try and keep snacks on hand-otherwise i’m about to gnaw my arm off and eat horrible things that result in me feeling less than awesome. traveling makes what/when you eat so unpredictable! so there’s almonds and fruit and granola bars in my purse.

  17. Normally on vacation I let myself indulge. I let my self have a sweet or two a day and if its something I don’t always have access to (ie super expensive or super unique) I just let myself enjoy it!

  18. I am a total breadbasket whore. No self control! And when its baked in house, what more does anyone expect I ask?

    On vacation I eat whatever looks good. Especially if its something I can’t make at home.

  19. Saltgrass! You must be from Texas. 🙂

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