Timing Is Everything

My husband (Binks) and I have our routine down when it comes to the morning and afternoon.

Typically what happens is that Binks walks our puppy in the morning while I prepare breakfast, and walks him in the afternoon while I prepare lunch (we try to come home for lunch to avoid going out to eat – it’s about a 5 min drive).

The walk typically lasts for 20 minutes in the morning (perfect time to prepare oatmeal or a smoothie and a coffee) and 10 minutes in the afternoon (perfect for a sandwich or reheating last night’s dinner).

Today, we both had hearings at the same time (different courts).  And, last night’s dinner consisted of chicken curry and chole.  Reheating would be a breeze.

Note:  I have been trying to cut down my carbs as I have noticed that I merely use them as a platform for the actual stuff I’m wanting to eat – the veggie or the meat.  So, I’m avoiding the filler and just filling up on the good stuff.

I, however, thought to myself – you know what would go fabulously with this?  The ‘salad’!  Not just any ol’ salad – the perfect ‘salad’ to accompany my Indian dishes.   Once the idea came – it stayed!

So enter lemon:

and now….SQUEEZE

Finish with tomato + onion + peppers + salt

I eat plenty of this with my food and I do not feel guilty about it!

Binks, on the other hand, eats it out of the bowl and slurps down the rest.  Hardcore much?

So, because I took time to assemble this salad – our whole schedule got back tracked by about 10 minutes and arrived to the hearing late, with the slightest smell of onion on my hands and I’m sure on my breath (my sincerest apologies prosecutor).

Was it worth it? Absolutely!



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6 responses to “Timing Is Everything

  1. i’m a big fan of carbs too! when i’m lazy or too tired, i turn to carbs. they’re so easy and make up the calories that i need for the day.

    hmmm your salad is beautiful. goosebumps while i stares at your salad! it’s pretty chilly in my room, haha.

  2. I’m usually not to worried about onion/garlic breath. I say, “it’s all good.” 🙂 lemon is good on everything!

  3. One time we were to have an auditor come and visit us. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch, but I ate something garlicky. I don’t know if we were that good in our job, or was it my garlic breath that kept them away. One visit, and that was it! No follow up questions whatsoever! 😀

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