The Inevitable Mistakes

I swear – I always make some kinda asinine error!!!!  Whether it be work, cooking, cleaning, you name it – I’ve messed it up in some random a$$ way or another!

I think I do thing too fast or I don’t take the time to just focus prior to doing something.  Most people (it appears to me), when running on auto pilot seem to be flying the ‘right’ way and doing the ‘right’ things.

I on the other hand, when running on auto pilot put the tea kettle in the refrigerator, forgets to keep her mouth closed while brushing and has toothpaste dripping down my shirt (unfortunately this is so unfortunately true), and drives miles and miles before realizing her right turn to get home happened 2 miles ago!  Argh seems appropriate right now.


Well, now that you know what happened to me yesterday, here’s what happened this morning!

This would be the birds-eye view into my blender.  I love kale.  I just started incorporating it into my menus and has only been used for breakfast.

(Need to try these soon!)

The final product?  The BEST ever smoothie I have made to date!


Inside you can find the following:

–  1 frozen banana

–  2 big leaves of kale

–  2 tbsp of almonds

–  1 tbsp flax seed

–  1 tbsp chia seeds

–  1/2 cup frozen blueberries

–  1/4 cup rolled oats

–  1/2 cup almond milk

–  1 small scoop Amazing Grass – Berry

Gave it a whirl and added:

–  Homemade coconut butter

–  Honey almond granola

Here is to less mistakes both on auto-pilot and manual! 😉 Happy Hump Day!



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4 responses to “The Inevitable Mistakes

  1. I loooove kale but haven’t had any in far too long. I hope to change that tomorrow at the farmer’s market!

  2. Can I beg for a post on homemade coconut butter? My attempt was a major fail and I’m not sure where I went wrong 🙂

  3. I love putting kale in my smoothies in the morning, if you’re looking for something else spinach works really well too! Once in a while after working out/hot days a stick of celery works well too (mostly for some flavour) it goes well with fruit and gives it a crisp/clean flavour!

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