One Of Those Days

I own my own business.

Every single day feels like a battle – at least it feels like that today.  A battle of the administrative issues and substantive issues.  A battle between me and opposing parties and the rest of the world.

How will I handle the plethora of phone calls, e-mails, letters, faxes, motions, hearings, and depositions that come my way? One phone call, e-mail, letter, fax, motion, hearing and deposition at a time. 🙂

Well there is always the option of running for my life to Europe and hiding out as a baker/apprentice in a small cafe in Paris – gobbling up croissants at every opportunity. Another day I suppose…

Nothing better to battle it out than a good smoothie in a bowl as inspired by Kath.

What’s in there?

–  1 frozen banana

–  handful of kale

–  1 scoop amazing grass

–  1 tbsp ground flax seed

–  1 tbsp chia seeds

–  1/2 cup strawberries

–  2 tbsp almonds

–  1/2 cup ice

–  1 packet of Stevia (Whole Foods was giving out samples)

Gave it a whirl in my blender and topped it with the following:

–  Granola

–  Homemade coconut butter

Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Totally hit the spot and here I am throwing in some punches!  Take that you!


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