Jazz Waffles

If you asked me 5 years ago what my favorite meal of the day was – I would have said dinner a big drawn out dinner.  It makes sense considering that I come from an Indian family and dinners are typically eaten later in the night (9:00 p.m. ish), and it was a time that my family sat around and talked over a hot meal with several dishes.  To this day, I still find myself wanting these dinners.

If you ask me today, my answer is without a doubt breakfast!  I never understood it when I was younger, but the first meal is really the most important and could make or break your day.  When I first got married, I wanted to make elaborate breakfasts (and lunches and dinners) for us.  Oh man – thinking back – our breakfasts included eggs, bacon, pancakes/biscuits, fake syrup, coffee, juice – all on a weekday mind you!  While delicious,  (runny eggs and toast is still a favorite!) after 2 hours, I would feel tired and dragging.  I guess the caffeine had run its course and the heavy food was setting in – as was the weight!

The food that we eat in the morning provides the fuel for the rest of the day.  So nowadays I’m whipping up some mamma jamma recipes for breakfasts in my kitchen – oatmeal (overnight and stove top varieties) and smoothies and bears – oh my – well not bears!

What did I eat today, you ask?  Well let me tell you!

Today was waffle day.  I deemed it Waffle Day considering tis Friday and I felt like a hot meal on a fall-ish day (it’s as fall as it gets here in Texas)!

First, we got the basics of my favorite way to eat waffles – waffles, frozen blueberries and a giant banana!

I love frozen blueberries.  Just a quick warm up and these become the best fruity syrup eva!!!

I love adding toppings to my waffles.  No room for plain waffles here!

Look how lonely it looks!!

I usually opt for some Earth Balance peanut butter topping, but alas – upon entering my pantry, I found that some husband thought it okay to pretty much scrape every morsel of peanut butter out of the jar and leave it back in the pantry!  Kudos for no wastage though!

Luckily I had some homemade chocolate peanut butter on hand!  Topped it off with some blueberries and accompanying syrup, chia seeds,  sliced almonds and a touch of pure grade B maple syrup!  Voila!

I ended up putting sliced bananas on top as well but for some reason didn’t take the picture.  Go figure.  Love love this breakfast.

Now….if I could only figure out how to change my lunch and dinner habits…any advice is much appreciated and encouraged! 🙂



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2 responses to “Jazz Waffles

  1. mm those waffles look good! You should make oats in a jar if you haven’t thrown that empty PB jar out yet… 🙂

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